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Mitra Tax Services LLC

Mitra Tax Services LLC: Persian Business Directory

Our Services include:

  • Legal documents translation
  • State sales tax monthly and quarterly
  • Filing of unemployment/social security and Medicare taxes
  • Filing of real estate and rental property taxes
  • Payroll preparation checks and payroll taxes
  • Company’s annual analytical financial reports
  • P/L statements monthly, quarterly and annual
  • Federal & State audit preparation  And much more…

Mitra Tax Services is a registered Limited Liability Company at the Arizona Corporation Commission and an approved Tax Preparation Electronic Filing Provider by the Internal Department of Revenue “IRS”.

Mitra Tax Services was established in 2006 and has been providing services to the public ever since in its current location inside the Food City shopping center at the busy intersection of Indian School Rd and 19th Ave.

To assure providing the best and highest quality services to our valuable customers, Mitra Tax Services’ customer services office located at 2311 E. Indian School Rd, Phoenix AZ 85016 remains open all year long to provide follow-ups, preparing of amendment returns and other late filing services to our customers.

Unlike other similar businesses, we extend the scope of our services to our customers absolutely free of any charge, including after filing follow-ups with the IRS and Arizona Department of Revenue in cases when your refund check is delayed, lost, stolen, etc.

Moreover, and also absolutely free of any charge, we assist our customers in cases of IRS or State audits by helping them to organize their supportive documentation, logs, receipts, etc. and presenting them to the IRS.

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  • Direct Deposit R.T 2-3
  • Direct Deposit on a Credit Card 4-6
  • Paper check: directly sent by IRS to the   customer’s address
  • R.T Checks 5-7 days
  • Electronic filing & IRS acknowledgment
  • Free representation with the IRS
  • Free representation with the State
  • Business Tax Preparation
  • RT Checks
  • RT is fast bank checks issued to out valuable customers upon the filing of their tax returns

Direct Deposits

As a customer of Mitra Tax Services, you may choose to have your refund amount directly deposited to your own bank account by the IRS. Iranian yellow pages

Mailed Checks

I wish not to apply for the fast RT checks money, you may choose to have the IRS to me mail a paper check directly to your address

Refund in Card

You don’t want to wait for a check, don’t worry, We can issue a visa card for with the same amount of your refund refund