MiSurgical | Doctors and Liens Program


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MiSurgical | Doctors and Liens Program

MiSurgical | Doctors and Liens Program

Minimally Invasive Surgical Institute, Medical Group in Mission Viejo, California

Personal Injury & Workers Compensation Experts

Our trusted network of doctors has been helping patients with workers compensation and personal injury care for decades. By providing these services on a lien basis, we are able to provide both evaluations and treatments without any upfront financial burdens or hidden costs. Working on a lien basis means that our doctors provide medical care immediately and wait until the outcome of your legal case to be paid for services. In addition, MiSurgical provides transportation via US Transport.

Any of the doctors in our network are available to provide prompt and professional service. Our goal is to provide lien-based medical care to those who need it most. Each doctor in our group:

  • Dr. Nima Kianfard, Chiropractor in Irvine, CA
  • Dr.Babak khamsi

Personal Injury & Workers compensation express

  •     Is experienced in both the medical field and with working on liens
  •     Is fully accredited in their field
  •     Completes accurate evaluations for medical and legal cases

Our primary focus is on relationships between patients and the doctors they choose, a trait that makes us the premier lien network of doctors in the area.

MiSurgical | Doctors and Liens Program

MiSurgical | Doctors and Liens Program, Persian Orthopedists in Mission Viejo

Our doctors offer a new method of surgical techniques that allow patients to experience shorter recovery times, small incisions, less scarring and blood loss, and a procedure that takes place in an outpatient setting. This approach to surgery results in a fast recovery with less pain than traditional surgery.

These doctors perform a wide range of minimally invasive surgery across different medical specialties, including orthopedics, pain management, and neurology. Some of the examples of services performed are:

  •     Arthroscopy
  •     Robotic prostate surgery
  •     Microlaminectomy
  •     Urological surgery
  •     Spinal injections
  •     Platelet-rich plasma injections
  •     Physical therapy

In addition to covering a wide range of treatments and procedures, the doctors in our network come from top surgical centers and outpatient clinics in the area, including:

  •     Crown Valley Cosmetic & General Surgery
  •     Orange County Orthopedic & Pain Center
  •     Orange County Neurosurgical Institute
  •     Orange County Pain Clinics

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help partner with you on your path to quality and fast medical care.