Mission Ranch Market


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Mission Ranch Market

Mission Ranch Market: we know that a chef is only as good as the freshness of his or her ingredients.

So we offer the freshest and most affordable produce to make each meal memorable.

Mission Ranch Market of Orange County also carries exotic fruits and vegetables that are hard to find anywhere else.

Our produce picks often remind customers of the abundant open markets, bazaars and farmers’ markets from abroad.

The produce department has such a wide breadth of fruits & vegetables to make any cook happy!


RESTAURANT If you don’t remember having Persian cuisine before, our guess is that you haven’t dined at Mission Ranch Restaurant

– because our dishes are truly hard to forget. Our Orange County restaurant is a Persian gem in the heart of Southern California.

At Mission Ranch Restaurant, we offer a plethora of Persian favorites and traditional family-style recipes;

Everything from appetizers like freshly made Nan-o Panir Sabzi, Salad Olovieh, Hummus, (Mission Viejo Persian Market)

Maust-o-Moosir, and Eggplant Borani; specialty rice & meat plates such as Zereshk Polo, Lubia Polo, Adas Polo, Baghali Polo; Persian stews like Ghormeh Sabzi

Fesenjon, and Gheimeh Bademjan; chicken plates like Chicken Koobideh, Chicken Kabobs, Chicken Barg; Koobideh Sandwiches, Koobideh Skewers and so much more.

If you’re in town for some good eats, Mission Ranch Restaurant in Mission Viejo is the place to be. You can also inquire about our Catering & Special Event services.

Indulge in Our Sweet Treats It’s hard to resist the freshly baked bread & ready-made desserts of Mission Ranch Bakery.

Each treat is created with customer’s cravings in mind. Once you step into the Mission Ranch Bakery, you’ll be welcomed with the overwhelming aroma of

Hot nan-e, warm Taftoon & Mashhadi, crisp lavash, the sight of hanging sangak, and so much more.

Not to mention the colorful, mouthwatering delights of delicious confections baked daily – beautiful Rollets, fruit-filled butter cookies,

Freshly made baklava, sugar-glazed cream cakes, walnut Koloocheh, Msgati, and other sugary treats, you’re guaranteed to get hooked. BBB