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Mirian Law Firm | Personal injury attorney in Markham, OntarioToronto, Canada

Experienced Toronto Disability and Injury Lawyers on YOUR SIDE

Our team is highly experienced and dedicated to your cause. We focus on resolving legal issues related to serious and complex disabilities, injuries, accident benefits, and tort claims. When you are disabled or injured, recovery should be your first priority, and our Toronto lawyer can help you achieve this. Farsi speaking lawyers in Toronto

Our team has the expertise required to challenge insurance companies and ensure that you receive the benefits and compensation you are entitled to. We provide services in multiple languages, including, Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Hebrew, Cantonese, and Mandarin. We are a law firm that is truly dedicated to our community and experienced in disability and personal injury law.

For more information regarding how our legal team can help you following an insurance claim denial or an accident, contact us today to speak to our lawyer during a free, no-pressure consultation.

For your convenience, we offer all of the following:

Free initial assessment of your case

No cost until the case is settled or won

Fluency in multiple languages

Availability for hospital and home visits

Availability for evening and weekend appointments


Mirian Law Firm is a Blackacre Law, Professional Corporation. Our firm provides our clients with close personal attention. We listen to the issues that matter to our clients, map a plan of action, and provide our clients with various strategies to obtain their goals.

We pride ourselves on the strong relationship we build with our clients. We will meet with our clients as often as they require.

We provide you with Counsel’s contact to give you direct access when you need it most.

Our firm will assign a legal case manager who will be working closely on your case with the lawyer.


In our personal injury and disability practice, we get paid only if we are successful in recovering money on our client’s behalf. The fees we charge are based upon a percentage of total recovery. Our retainer is based upon a mutually satisfactory financial arrangement that is fully explained in writing.


We understand the various needs of individuals and diverse communities.

In our personal injury and disability practice, we understand our clients at times have barriers to coming to our office due to their mobility, injury, or means of access. As a result, our office provides the following services:

In-home visits

Hospital and healthcare facility visits

Mobile services

Furthermore, we may be able to assist our clients in the following languages:

Farsi Dari Hebrew Russian Mandarin Cantonese Korean

Mirian Law is on your side. Contact us today!