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Minoo Catering

Minoo Catering | Persian/Iranian Takeout Restaurant in Thornhill, ON

It is a health and lifestyle driven catering and take-out business. we venture to create a modern approach to an olden Persian tradition-one meal at a time.

freshly prepared

sandwiches & burgers

our homemade burgers are made daily from 7 ounces of freshly ground veal seasoned with the finest ingredients & our sandwiches are wrapped with love in a 12″ baguette. Iranian Restaurant in Thornhill

traditional dishes

our gourmet hot dishes & stews are all made fresh by our executive chef, minoo. the selection of entrees & sides changes daily, with new and exciting meals every day so you’ll never get bored!

charcoal grilled kebabs

our charcoal grilled, freshly made kebabs are seasoned to perfection, made only from the best meat & poultry.

our catering services include anything you need!!!and we mean it.minoo is not just any Persian catering company. we passionately work with you to tailor your event around you and your guests.our team adds creativity to your menu and we go beyond the traditional to provide you with a truly authentic, yet exceptional, catering experience.it is important to us that you feel proud about the food you serve.

nice to meet you

by now you probably know that we are a catering and food production company.

we setup minoo in Toronto in 2013 to address the need for traditional, authentic and honest Persian food.

our business is run by us -as a family and, we are proud to have a team of friendly, dedicated and loyal people who help us deliver great food and quality services to you.