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Mina Svärd | Iransk Advokat

Mina Svärd | Iransk Advokat

Mina graduated from Stockholm University and is accepted as a member of the Swedish Bar Association. She has previously worked in Thailand at an international Thai law firm, as well as at a family law firm in Sweden.

After litigating in most of the courts around Sweden, in 2011 she started the office My Advokater in Stockholm, which today also has a reception office in Norrköping. Mina is multilingual and speaks fluent Persian. With an in-depth education in children’s law and process experience in the area, she also knows them the best tips for preventing the increasingly difficult social problems we face with custody disputes.

In addition, My assignments are undertaken as a public defender, special representative for children and plaintiff’s assistant.

With a strong negotiating ability and high legal expertise, you as a client can feel confident that your interests will always be best served.

Mina Svärd, Iransk Advokat in Stockholm, Sweden

Areas of

children’s Rights

From being controlling and one-sided in its view of the role of parents and society regarding the upbringing and living situation of children, it has increasingly, as the longer the 20th century has suffered, come to deal with children’s subjective perceptions and the responsibilities of parents, guardians, and authorities when it comes to safeguarding the objective rights of the children (described in Sweden under, among other things, the Parents Code and the Social Services Act).

The child’s right to his parents, his family should be seen in the light of the best interests of the child. This means that there is a clear marking here, a dividing line between the parent’s right to the child and the child as the bearer of their own rights to the parents and the family. The child should be seen as an individual with independent needs that, at best, corresponds to the rights of the parents, but that independently this should be interpreted based on the child’s independent rights. In FB, the rights of the child are regulated by FB 6: 1 and FB 6:15.


The child has the right to interact with the parent with whom he/she does not live


Plaintiff assistants are common in serious crimes, in sexual offenses and in crimes within

Immigration Law

We take on assignments in several different asylum law cases and have reception offices in Gävle, Eskilstuna, Södertälje, Örebro, Norrköping, and Stockholm.