Middle East Bakery & Grocery


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Middle East Bakery & Grocery

Middle East Bakery & Grocery

A popular option for hummus, savoury pies & baklava, plus traditional spices & ingredients.

Authentic Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Food Our homemade foods are made with fresh ingredients.

No preservatives, additives, artificial flavourings, or colours are used.

All of our handmade pies, bread, & pita chips are brick oven baked.

We cater for all occasions, so please call in advance.

Voted The Best Middle Eastern Grocery of Chicago in 2008 by the readers of the Chicago Reader!

Honoured as 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, & 2014 Talk of the Town Award Recipient for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction!

September 2011 Yelp Approved October 2012 Yelp Approved “People Love Us on Yelp” Middle East Bakery & Grocery has been serving its customers since the Summer of 1981!

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  • Pies, Kibbi, and Falafel
  • Pies
  • – Artichoke & Cheese Pie
  • – Broccoli, Mushroom, & Cheese (Mediterranean cow milk ) Pie
  • – Chicken, Mushroom, Green, & Red Pepper Pie
  • – Eggplant & Cheese (feta) Pie
  • – Lahma Bi Ajeen /Middle Eastern Pizza (dough: unbleached flour, yeast, & salt &
  •    filling: ground beef, tomatoes, onions, parsley, spices, & salt)
  • – Lamb & Potato Pie
  • – Meat (beef) Pie
  • – Parsley, Olive, & Cheese Pie
  • – Eggplant and Squash Pie (Vegan)
  • – Lentil Pie (Vegan)
  • – Potato Pie (Vegan)
  • – Safeeha/ Vegetarian Pizza (dough: unbleached flour, yeast, & salt & filling: onions,
  •    mushrooms, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, black & green olives, tomatoes, red &
  •    green peppers, spices, & salt) (Vegan)
  • – Spinach & Cheese (feta) Pie
  • – Spinach & Onion Pie (Vegan)
  • – Three Cheese (cream cheese, mozzarella, & sheep feta) Pie
  • Kibbi
  • – Meat (beef)
  • – Spinach (Vegan)
  • Falafel (Vegan)

Sauces, Dips, Spreads, Soups, Salads, and More

Middle East Bakery & Grocery | Best Mediterranean Food in Chicago

Our delicious homemade sauces, dips, spreads,

soups and salads are very popular!

These items are made with fresh ingredients –

no preservatives, additives, artificial flavours, or colours.

Try our brick oven baked bread and pita chips that are made in our bakery! They are great with our dips, spreads, and salads! Our plain, wheat, & 7-grain pitas are low salt, and there are no preservatives or fat! – 7 Grain Pita

We carry an assortment of fine Extra Virgin Olive Oils, and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, and other countries.

We are especially proud of the quality of our imported organic and extra virgin cold pressed olive oils! Miscellaneous NEW ITEM -Imported Authentic Moroccan Tagines