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Michael J Petro | Chicago

Michael J Petro | Chicago, Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal justice attorney in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Defense Attorney & Federal Attorney

#1 Chicago Defense Attorney If you’re charged with a federal crime — including committing a criminal act on the property of the federal government or violating the U.S.

laws — Michael Petro can assist you with mounting an effective defence.

Federal crimes can include criminal acts that cross state lines, including racketeering and mail fraud.

Petro, a federal defence attorney, has significant experience with grand jury proceedings along with a deep knowledge of legal issues related to criminal defence in federal court. Iranian Lawyer in Chicago

A variety of criminal cases are heard in federal court, including:

Drug offences including trafficking and distribution. Securities fraud, insider trading and other violations of antitrust laws.

Government fraud, including Medicare fraud and tax evasion. Organized crime, including money laundering and extortion.

Defending federal cases differs in several important ways, and federal defence attorneys must have a thorough understanding of relevant laws.

In addition, federal defence attorneys must understand the differences in federal sentencing guidelines with their potential for harsher penalties.

Michael J. Petro – Chicago Defense Attorney Representation in State & Federal Courts

What Will Hiring Chicago’s Best Defense Attorney do For You?

Prosecutors must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to secure convictions in criminal cases.

A defence attorney can choose among an endless array of strategies to prove your innocence.

When you work with Michael J. Petro, you can feel confident that he will extensively review your case facts and relevant law to make sound legal arguments.

The best defence, of course, is that you simply did not commit the crime.

Every criminal defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty with a trial or through a guilty plea.

The presumption of innocence means the prosecutor has the burden of proving guilt, but the defence also can present evidence to raise reasonable doubt and make the prosecutor’s job more difficult.

In addition to helping you prepare the best possible case, Mr Petro will work to have you released from jail as you await trial.

He can work to persuade a judge to reduce bail so you can get back to your life and assist in preparing your defence.