Mehrnoosh Aknooni Ficks


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Mehrnoosh Aknooni Ficks

Mehrnoosh Aknooni Ficks, Advokat på Brottsbyrån

She works at Advokatbyrån Dubio

Education Stockholm University

Criminal cases, public defender, plaintiff’s assistant, special representative for a child forced care (LVU, LPT, LRV, LVM), asylum and migration law and family law.

Area of law and Practice areas

  • Criminal law
  • Law on institutional care of juveniles, institutional care of su
  • Public defender


  • English
  • Persian

Mehrnoosh Aknooni Ficks, Persian Criminal Lawyer in Stockholm, Sweden

Mehrnoosh has an account Advokat på Brottsbyrån

Brottmål, offentlig försvarare, målsägandebiträde, särskild företrädare för barnTvångsvård (LVU, LPT, LRV, LVM), asyl- och migrationsrätt samt familjerätt.

ABOUT Law Firm Dubio

Practice Areas

Among the employees are noted and experienced lawyers and lawyers who undertake assignments throughout the country. The employees speak Arabic, English, Kurdish, French, Swedish, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin and Somali, among others.


Defense Attorney / Public Defender

At Dubio, experienced and specialized defense lawyers work. Those suspected of crimes with imprisonment in the criminal justice system are usually entitled to a public defender. A person deprived of liberty should not be heard without a lawyer present, and may immediately demand that such a person be appointed. The firm’s lawyers have experience in a variety of types of cases such as murder, financial crime, drug crime, violence, and sexual assault.

It is important to remember that you always have the right to want your lawyer. When that happens, the firm’s attorneys will be contacted by police or district court and can help you immediately. The earlier you request a lawyer, the better. If this does not happen, the risk is that you will get a lawyer you do not want, choose from a list were far from everyone specializes in criminal cases.

Exposed to Crime / Plaintiff Attorney

You who are the victim of a crime usually have the right to a lawyer or assistant lawyer and should demand it as soon as possible. The plaintiff’s counsel is present throughout the police investigation, as well as during trial. Leading the case to trial will help you claim damages. Over the past year, Dubio’s attorneys have been prosecuting attorneys in a number of major criminal cases that dealt with both murder and serious women’s violation and sexual assault. Our lawyers are professional and fearless, and stand up for you who are exposed to crime.