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Mehrdad Sadeghizadeh | Credit Repair 

Mehrdad Sadeghizadeh Credit Repair ( Fix No Risk LLC ) – San Diego, CA California

Mehrdad Sadeghizadeh ( Fix No Risk LLC ) Mel Zadeh,

Mehrdad Sadeghi Zadeh tells you that he doesn’t charge any money up front! Debit/ Credit card debt service)

That’s a lie!! I spoke to him on the phone. He was very unprofessional. San Diego, California

Credit Repair San Diego

If you are looking for credit repair San Diego, you found it. We’re a company that provides the care and customer support of a local San Diego credit repair company combined with the expertise, track record and results of a big national company, you have found it!

Meet the Owners

We are Dale and Shirley Guiducci, owners of ERA Credit Services. We lived in San Diego for over 30 years and have been in business here for many years as well. In fact, we owned an accounting business in La Mesa and were looking for the best local credit repair company to refer to some of our clients. Iranian Yellow Pages

The Solution

What we found were San Diego credit repair companies that hadn’t been in business very long or were extremely expensive or both. Then we finally found a company that provided an effective, affordable credit repair service combined with other valuable credit enhancing and financial services.

They have a track record since 2004, proven results, an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and a very affordable price. There was only one problem. They didn’t have a local credit repair representative here in San Diego. We liked this company so much that we decided to represent them and become that local San Diego credit repair company.

Watch This Video for Detailed Information – Credit Repair San Diego

fix no Risk SAN DIEGO – A San Diego man who ran a credit repair business is facing more than 40 felony counts based on allegations he defrauded his clients. Forty-two-year-old MEHRDAD SADEGHIZADEH Aka Mel Zadeh was the CEO of Fix no risk LLC and ABC did, a business that claimed to help people repair their credit.

Our clients experience positive, fast results, ” Mehrdad Sadeghi Zadeh says in a video online, promoting his business. One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, told 10News that were not true.“He looked at me, shook my hand, all this kind of stuff, and guaranteed me,  she said.

The woman said she signed a contract with Fix no risk LLC and ABC done and gave the company $4, 500 to help with credit inaccuracies. She said she got no results and no refund.“I gave this man six months of my life to try to fix something that was really important to me. I’m kind of back at square one as far as my credit goes, and I’m back a couple steps as far as my $4, 500.

To date, Mehrdad Sadeghi Zadeh faces 45 felony counts ranging from grand theft to forgery. He was first arrested in January 2015. He posted bail, but investigators say he continued his crimes. Court documents state that Mehrdad Sadeghi Zadeh charged victims’ “credit cards with additional charges without their consent. Best Iranian / Persian Credit Repair San Diego

– which helps those in a credit crisis,