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Mehran Tebyani | Iranian Musician

Mehran Tebyani | Iranian Musician in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Founder, Music Director, and Conductor

Musician, Orchestra Conductor, and Composer – Doctorate Candidate in Organizational Leadership

Doctorate Candidate, M.M. (Conducting), B.M. (Composition)- Founder of Beverly Hills Academy of Music- Director of Beverly Hills Philharmonic Orchestra.

Iranian Musician in Beverly Hills

Mehran Tebyani is a Musician, Orchestra Conductor, and Composer. He is a Doctorate Candidate in Organizational Leadership. He has received his Master degree in Orchestral Conducting and his Bachelor degree in Composition. Mehran is the Founder of Beverly Hills Academy of Music and Director of Beverly Hills Philharmonic Orchestra – BH Phil.

#mehrantebyani-Doctorate Candidate of Education in Organizational Leadership-Master of Music in Orchestra Conducting-Bachelor of Music in Composition

Experienced Music Director with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry. Skilled in Orchestral Music Conducting and Composition in Contemporary Music. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Master of Music (M.M.) focused in Orchestral Conducting and a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) in Classical Composition from California State University-Northridge.

Lullaby for Orchestra, Harp, Santoor, and Choir in Farsi – Lullaby for Orchestra, Harp, Santoor, and Choir in Farsi – Mehran Tebyani, Composer and Conductor

– November 23rd, 2014

– California State University, Northridge, Cypress Recital Hall

– This piece is based on an Iranian folk melody from Gorgan with lyrics in Farsi.

The composer has tried to use the Santour, a Persian string instrument, to conjure the sound of Iranian traditional music.

The Persian folk melody is featured as well, with support from the Harp, an ancient classical instrument.