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Medlife Pharmacy and Compounding

Medlife Pharmacy and Compounding

Iranian/Persian Pharmacy in Irvine, California

At MetLife Pharmacy & Compounding, Shar and her staff’s goal is to provide the utmost professional and personal quality of service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

She believes that health is the key to a good life, and as a result, she runs her pharmacy by the motto “Quality of Life with MetLife” where she offers the best possible prices – she will beat any chain & surrounding competitors.

Here at MetLife Pharmacy & Compounding, we understand that every person is unique and requires special attention depending on his or her situation. Our staff welcomes any individual that comes into our Irvine pharmacy and is ready to help them with their specific needs with a wide range of services. Persian Pharmacy in Irvine

Our goal is to provide the utmost professional and personal quality of service that people expect from their Irvine pharmacy, but as quickly and efficiently as possible. As an Orange County pharmacist, MetLife Pharmacy & Compounding believes strongly in building relationships with our customers and following-up with them as we would with family. Anyone looking for an Orange County pharmacy specializing in custom medication to meet the individual requirements of both physicians and patients can count on MetLife Pharmacy & Compounding. We work hard to provide the best for our customers, and it shows in the quality of our compounds, other products, and customer service.


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Customized Solutions We believe that every patient may need to take a different path towards a clean bill of health, and sometimes the paths provided by big pharmaceutical companies don’t always bring patients to the right destination.

An Orange County pharmacy like Medlife Pharmacy & Compounding that offers customized compounding solutions is often the only answer for patients that have special needs as a result of diabetes, autism, or a variety of other diseases, disorders, and conditions.

If you have been looking for a pharmacy in Irvine that can suit the needs of every member of your family, while providing care that is both comprehensive and compassionate, look no further than Medlife Pharmacy & Compounding.

To see what standard and alternative pharmaceutical services we offer, call us today at 949-502-7272 or visit us at 6644 Irvine Center Drive. We look forward to helping you get and stay well!