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When other people are neglectful, there are often serious repercussions for innocent bystanders. From irresponsible driving habits that cause accidents to ice on sidewalks, negligence can cause a great deal of undue harm to unsuspecting victims. When you are hurt because of another person’s actions, it should not fall on you to endure the additional financial consequences of the injury. Your medical costs, rehabilitation, and any other treatment you need for your recovery should be compensated by the party that hurt you. We can reasonably expect this from liable parties because we all have an obligation to uphold the safety of those around us; when lapses in that responsibility cause another person harm, we should be ready to accept the consequences. Parties that are accused of being responsible for injuries dispute the extent of their liability and whether they are liable in the first place.

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Contentious issues are typically handled in the form of a lawsuit, which may or may not lead to a trial, depending on whether or not a settlement is reached beforehand. The Toronto personal injury lawyers of Mazin & Associates, PC have helped victims of these kinds of situations numerous times and may be able to help you too. Our experienced lawyers serving all of Ontario are poised to seek a settlement for your injury case, and if that is not possible, fight for compensation in court. To set up a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable and compassionate lawyers, call us.


The Toronto personal injury lawyers of Mazin & Associates, PC handle cases including brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, serious fractures, amputations, blindness injuries, and wrongful death cases. Whether you are dealing with an injury caused by another party’s negligence or if someone’s negligence caused the death of a loved one, we are here to fight for you. We have an experienced staff and proper resources to give you the best outcome possible. Our lawyers take a personalized approach to each client and cater our resources to benefit our clients the most. Due to the fact that we focus on serious cases, we take a highly individualized approach to ensure that you and your family get the compensation and justice you deserve. We will take care of the claims and paperwork with the insurance companies, while also working for a settlement for your injuries. If the settlement offered is not enough, we will take the case to court and will fight for what you are owed.

At Mazin & Associates, PC Our Personal Injury Lawyers are active members in Ontario and Toronto. We participate in many charity fundraising events in Ontario because we care about our clients and our community! Find out why we’re Ontario’s and Toronto’s Caring Personal Injury Lawyers!

Gary Mazin, Founder Gary Mazin is the founder of Mazin & Associates PC, Personal Injury Lawyers, an exclusive plaintiff personal injury law firm. For over fifteen years, Gary has dedicated himself to fighting for the rights of personal injury victims.