Maykadeh Restaurant | San Francisco


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Maykadeh Restaurant | San Francisco

Maykadeh Restaurant | San Francisco, CA: White-tablecloth restaurant serving grilled kebabs & other Persian classics, plus steaks & seafood.

Maykadeh restaurant has been a staple in the Persian community since it opened in 1983. Come here and enjoy wonderful appetizers, kebabs, steaks and seafood. All of the meat and chicken dishes at Maykadeh are Halal. The restaurant is located in the heart of the North Beach, making it a great place to begin or end your day in the city. Parking is easy too, as Maykadeh has its own valet service for a mere $10.

PICK-UP & DELIVERY DURING RESTAURANT HOURS WE OFFER OUR ENTIRE MENU FOR DELIVERY AND PICKUP. Delivery is free to most neighbourhoods in San Francisco. Orders must be a minimum of $34 plus tax and tip. There is no minimum for pickup. Please call the restaurant if you have any questions. You can order over the phone. Persian restaurant near me

CATERING MAYKADEH RESTAURANT CATERS PARTIES AND EVENTS AND CAN CUSTOMIZE THE MENU TO MEET YOUR NEEDS AND BUDGET. All of our dishes on the menu are available, plus we can provide speciality cuisine to suit the style of the event.

A skewered mixture of Angus beef and leg of lamb, ground daily, with onion, Persian spices and basmati rice.

Chelo-Kebab Koobideh, Chelo-Kebab Chicken Koobideh, Ground chicken breast, onion, Persian spices and saffron basmati rice. Chelo-Kebab Chicken Koobideh, Joojeh Kebab Boneless chicken thighs marinated in saffron, onion, lime juice with vegetables and basmati rice. Joojeh Kebab, Breast Kebab,  Marinated boneless breast of chicken in onion, basil, garlic, lime juice, vegetables and basmati rice. Breast Kebab, Poussin. Baby chicken with all the bones, marinated in onion, saffron and lime juice with vegetables and basmati rice. Poussin, Shishlik, Rack of lamb chops marinated with basil, garlic, saffron, onion and lime juice with vegetables and basmati rice. Shishlik, Shish Kebab, Fillet of lamb marinated in lime juice, saffron, extra virgin olive oil with vegetables and basmati rice. Shish Kebab, Maykadeh Kebab, Skewered thin slices of filet mignon marinated in lemon juice and onion., Maykadeh Kebab, Maykadeh Soltani

Maykadeh kebab with 1 additional skewer of koobideh. Maykadeh Soltani, Ghorme Sabzee, Lamb shank cooked in finely chopped onion, leek, scallions, chives, herbs and dried lime with basmati rice.

Ghorme Sabzee, Khoresht Bademjan, Lamb shank, baby eggplant braised with tomato, saffron, sun-dried lime and basmati rice. Khoresht Bademjan, Khoresht Fesenjoon, Dry roasted walnuts, pomegranate juice, chicken thighs, Basmati rice.Khoresht Fesenjoon, Khoresht Ghaymeh: Pieces of a leg of lamb, yellow split peas, saffron, tomato, sun-dried lime and Basmati rice. Zereshk Polo: Basmati rice, barberry, saffron and chicken thighs.