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Mateen Pourgol Lawyer

Mateen Pourgol Lawyer: a Law firm in Brampton

She is a Lawyer at Romeo Pitaro Schneider Injury Lawyers

Iranian Immigration Lawyer

For over 40 years combined, Romeo Pitaro Schneider Injury Lawyers has helped injured and disabled clients in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario.

Our compassionate, knowledgeable lawyers have a record of success and have recovered over $150 million in compensation for our clients.

We have sued every major insurance company in Ontario on behalf of our injured clients to recover from at-fault parties. We care.

We listen. We get results.

Called to the bar in 1996, Domenic Romeo and Sam Pitaro were part of a prominent personal injury law firm in Toronto for 11 years.

Seeing a need for lawyers who practice personal injury and disability law throughout York Region and the GTA, in 2007 we began our own firm to better serve the area’s needs, and have since been joined by other lawyers and staff.

Our goal is to get results that will make a difference in your life. We will listen to your unique situation and determine how to best serve your needs.

We also communicate very effectively with the other side, getting your situation and your needs across to them and fighting for your rights.

When choosing a lawyer, you are best served by one who has experience and a record of success, and who is dedicated to personal injury law.

Just as importantly, you need a lawyer you can work with, who will listen to you and be responsive to your needs.

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All initial appointments are free and cases are taken on contingency. That means that you do not pay unless we recover for you, and you only pay at the end of the case. That also means that you risk nothing by speaking to us; if your case is not viable, we’ll let you know at no cost.

Italian, Greek, Farsi, Punjabi, Mandarin, Cantonese and French are all spoken in the office. We also have access to translation services that can help us serve you in your own language.

With Toronto experience and Toronto results, but two 905 locations to reach you throughout the GTA, we can help get you the results you need.

Find out what our lawyers and staff can do for you. Contact us at 800-511-9181 or fill out our online form to set up a free consultation. We serve clients in Richmond Hill, the GTA or anywhere else in Southern Ontario.