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Mansouri Immigration Firm

Immigration & Naturalization service in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mansouri Immigration Firm It’s every client’s right to be treated with the most respect and dignity. The representative team and the status of their files must assess clients.

We and our staff must always remember that we are not the ones that are doing our clients’ favor, but it is our clients that have honored us with the privilege of serving them.

Clients, even non-paying ones, i.e., Iranian immigration lawyer Vancouver from those who seek free consultation with the pro bono are as respectable and

valuable to our firm as the clients with the most complex and high-end billable retainers.

Our livelihood and prosperity depends on all our clients. This is a fact that we must remind ourselves daily. Hadi Mansouri

immigration Advisor, Iranian Lawyer

Mansouri Immigration Firm: We are active in various areas of immigration

and provide an excellent understanding of Canadian Law and proceedings.
We are confident that we can represent clients with the most complex matters
before the relevant administrative bodies, such as the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada,
Equally important Immigration Division, Immigration Appeal Division, Immigration, In addition, Citizenship Canada, the Canadian Border Service Agency and other Tribunals involved in the Immigration Process.
Finally, our services extend from meeting with clients, assessing their situation, giving advice;
Meanwhile, corresponding with government authorities on behalf of the client.
Drafting documents such as immigration forms, business plans, invitation letters,
and legal submissions to represent them before the above Tribunals and relevant Administrative bodies.

Mansouri Immigration Firm in Vancouver: Iranian lawyer near me

Likewise, we proudly serve our clients in multiple languages such as English, French,
Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Arabic, And Turkish. Also, there is no extra charge for interpretation.
Rather, we are pleased to assist our clients with our accurate and Also, suitable advice and representation in their Immigration matter,
Rather, it can be called one of the most important changes in any person’s life.
They also committed us to preserving our clients’ time and financial resources to the best of our ability.

Conversely, this is only possible by being professional, being up-to-date with the laws and regulations. Furthermore, they are candid and honest with the clients at all times.

Mansouri Immigration Firm, Persian immigration lawyer Iranian Immigration Lawyer
Immigration Company of Canada’s Best Iranian Lawyer
    • Mansouri Immigration Firm Hadi Mansouri is a P1 licensee for the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Commissioner of Taking Oaths and Affairs.
    • Ahmed Mansour graduated with honors from the Masters of Art in Education.
    • California State University, Los Angeles. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English Language Teaching.
    • Pouya Taghiee  has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    • Mr. Taghiee has an exceptional knowledge of marketing, customer care, and communication.
    • Shahrzad Asadi Mrs. Shahrzad Asadi is a Legal Counsel from Imam Khomeini International University.
    • She is a First-Class Lawyer and a member of the Central Bar of the Association of Iran.
    • Shimen Fallah holds two (2) Bachelor’s Degrees.
    • She primarily graduated from the Art University of Tehran with a degree in Set and Costume Designing of Theater.
    • Subsequently, she got her second Bachelor’s Degree in Law, a Minor in Psychology in Canada.
    • Ali Moosa is a Legal Counsel and Attorney at Law in Iran. Mansouri Immigration Firm
    • Hamidreza Aslani is a Ph.D. graduate from Shahid Beheshti University and a member of the Elite Foundation of Iran.
    • Mr. Aslani is a former deputy to the secretary-general of the Arbitration Center of Iran Chamber of Commerce (ACIC),
    • he is an arbitrator member of ACIC, as well as the Shanghai International Arbitration Center (SHIAC) in China,
    • and has enjoyed tremendous experience as a lawyer and legal counsel in international cases.
    • Donya Kamrani is within one of the professional caseworkers at Mansouri Canadian Immigration Services.
    • She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French Language Translation from Allame Tabatabaee University in Iran.