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Malekpour & Ball | Chapel Hill, NC

Malekpour & Ball | Chapel Hill, NC. Iranian Lawyer is the nation’s only trial consulting team qualified to advise.

Attorneys for Reptilian methods and techniques.

Case Workday

Iranian lawyer near me. First, offer a Reptile Work Day, available on either a flat fee.
Afterwards, a sliding fee base on a verdict or settlement.
Lastly, bring your case to our North Carolina base for interruption-free,
Finally, a day-long strategy session with David Ball and Artemis Malekpour.
Malekpour & Ball, This intensive workshop
— a brainstorming session — will frame your case into David Ball on Damage,
Reptiles and Rules of the Road principles.
We start by taking an overview of your case, including its strengths and weaknesses.
We will then work with you and your team to develop the greatest case narrative and positioning.
Likewise, we end by applying the Reptile, the Rules,
and Damages methods to your discovery, jury research, and trial.
We only do three workday sessions per two-week period,
If you’re interested, contact us as soon as possible.

Research (Focus) groups. Iranian Immigration Lawyer

Focus group research is only as valuable as the ability to
Consultants turn their results into viable case strategies.
Our lead consultants themselves, not assistants, design and conduct case research sessions.
The success of the research depends on presenting
a fair-minded assessment of the case.
Our goal is not to win the research session, but to learn how jurors react to the issues and work towards decisions.
Based on what we have learned, we will guide you in preparing
The strongest possible case strategies and presentations for mediation and/or trials.

Malekpour & Ball, Artemis Malekpour, Iranian divorce lawyer near me

came to trial consulting as a lawyer with a background,
in psychology and psychiatric research.
She has worked in the Department of Psychiatry at the
adolescents coping with psychiatric disorders and legal issues. In addition, Artemis holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has a Master’s in Healthcare Administration with a concentration in mental health issues from UNC’s School of Public Health. In contrast, at the law school at Duke, she conducted extensive interviews with death penalty jurors. Then, earning her law degree with honors. Artemis has also worked closely with her partner David Ball. Using reptilian advocacy and other methods to deal with the case’s weaknesses and maximize its strengths. She also specializes in focus group research, case strategy, and jury selection. Subsequently, Artemis has consulted on a wide variety of high-profile topics. As well as, large and small cases of all kinds across the country.
Malekpour & Ball, Artemis Malekpour, a Persian immigration lawyer
Meanwhile, she is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association and,
State Bar, North Carolina Advocates for Justice,
The American Association for Justice and the American Society of Trial Consultants.
In the meantime, Artemis has co-authored a book chapter,
Next, “Public and Private Sector Involvement in Managed Mental Health Care,”
Not only-but also, in Managed Care & Public Health, they feature it in
“Trial Guides: How to do Your Own Focus Groups, and has written updates for David Ball on Damages 3.
In fact, Artemis is one of the nation’s only two trial consultants qualified to teach.and
advise on Reptilian trial advocacy,
She also teaches Reptilian Advocacy at Reptile Keenan Ball seminars.
David Ball
  • David Ball, Ph.D.
  • Trial Consultant