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Mahmoud Mozaffarian Jewelers

Mahmoud Mozaffarian Jewelers, Persian / Iranian Wholesale jeweller in Los Angeles, California, Mahmoud Mozaffarian brings generations of family expertise in the jewellery trade to his customers. Call him for an appointment or visit our store.

For over 120 years, through many generations, the Mozaffarian family of jewellers has built a strong reputation of providing excellent quality jewellery to our customers while always maintaining a philosophy of integrity, honesty, and personal service.

For us, jewellery is a tradition in which we take pride, not just our trade. It is for this simple reason that Mozaffarian has become a trusted name in fine jewellery among the customers that we have been privileged to serve all over the globe.

Mahmoud Mozaffarian Jewelers of Los Angeles, managed by Mahmoud Mozaffarian and Behrad Mozaffarian (father and son), is proud to offer you our experience and service through the convenience of the internet.

When you shop on our site, you can be sure that you are dealing with a family business with years upon years of experience, not just an internet business.

Iranian Wholesale jeweller in Los Angeles

We are located in Los Angeles, the wholesale jewellery capital of the U.S., and that gives us a distinct advantage in giving our customers excellent deals in addition to the high standard of quality that we maintain. We provide you with an unbeatable combination of quality and value.

We invite all our customers to compare our prices to those of similar items from any of the leading online jewellery providers or fine jewellery stores.

The Mozaffarian Heritage of Fine Jewelry

Custom design, high-end manufacturing, Diamonds, as well as precious stones such as Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires.

625 S Hill St #115, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Mozaffarian Online brings the extensive experience and integrity of our family business to you online.

We give you an unbeatable combination of quality and value in a wide variety of fine jewellery. Read more about us.