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Lida Travel | Los Angeles, California

Lida Travel and Tour Agency in Los Angeles, California 

Wholesale Ticket for leisure and corporate, in business since 1996. We’re the leading authorized sales agent for all major carriers in the United States.

We offer a variety of discounts on wholesale packages for all your travel needs, to all your international destinations.

Our goal is to provide our leisure & corporate clients the lowest priced travel packages with the highest quality of personal service worldwide.

Lida Travel is here to help you in every step of your journey. Your comfort is our highest priority. Airline ticket at wholesalers (consolidator) price.  Persian Travel agency in Los Angeles

Professional Travel Agency For All Levels Of Business Needs. Call Now!
Significant Cost Savings · Simplifying Travel · We “Go The Extra Mile”

Naadam festival Our journey began 15 years ago when our founder Mr Ulziisaikahn had the foresight to share the wonders of Mongolia of with the rest of the world.

Mongolia had just awakened from a long slumber under the veil of Communism and this wildly beautiful land, rich in ancient culture, was largely unknown to the western world.

Fast forward two and a half decades later, and Mongolia tops must-see lists of sophisticated travellers across the globe.

While our journey began in Mongolia, we have never let the grass grow under our feet.

In honour of our 15th anniversary and our unending spirit of adventure, we now design luxury adventure journeys to the Himalaya in addition to Mongolia.

Our trips offer singular experiences; authentic adventures blending education, entertainment, and meaningful interaction with locals. Long before it was a buzzword, sustainability has been at the heart of everything we do.

We are committed to supporting the culture, fragile environment, and heritage of the countries we visit.

We believe that true travel is more than a transaction; it’s transformative.

Join us and travel to unspoiled, diverse, and wondrous places that will fill your heart and enrich your soul.

At Lida Travel Inc we specialize in International & domestic travel focusing on(leisure and corporate). We service Air flight, car and hotel to Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Africa, South American and Australia. We have packages or land tours to all points of destinations.

TravelReservation Your local agency in Los Angeles and Washington, DC to take care of your travel needs. It’s time to upgrade your travel agency expectations of what a travel agency can deliver.

BUSINESS/CORPORATE & LEISURE TRAVEL SERVICES Europe*Middle East*Africa*South American*Australia*Asia*The Caribbean Just a phone call away

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