Leila’s Mediterranean Grocery and Café


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Leila’s Mediterranean Grocery and Café

Leila’s Mediterranean Grocery & Café | Iranian Grocery store in Virginia

has all Essential Middle Eastern products & more…

Delis, Mediterranean, Grocery. At Leila’s, we provide our customers with a wide range of quality Mediterranean grocery products as well as a small Authentic menu of homemade Middle Eastern foods.

Whether you are looking for olives, olive oil, pita bread, pickled products, teas, spices, dairy products, and sweets; or you are looking for a satisfying bowl of lentil soup, salad, falafel wrap, or a Baklava with Turkish coffee, you will find at Leila’s and you will love it.

Iranian Grocery store in Virginia

We provide a variety of Turkish, Greek, Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Palestinian, Egyptian, Israeli, Iranian, and Moroccan products. While shopping or dining with us, we hope you smell the wonderful aromas coming from our kitchen, enjoy the food and products you buy with your loved ones.

At Leila’s Mediterranean Grocery and Café

you will find:

  • Imported cheeses and other dairy products;
  • Olive oil, olives, Tahini, and Olive Bar;
  • A variety of fresh pita, gluten-free, gyro bread, and more;
  • A variety of phyllo doughs and Greek cheeses to make your own pies and baklava;
  • Dried Fruits, fresh dates, and nuts;
  • A huge selection of whole and ground spices;
  • A variety of imported grains, legumes, pasta, and rice;
  • A variety of packaged nuts, sunflower seeds;
  • A variety of canned products including fava beans and chickpeas;
  • A variety of grape leaves and pickled vegetables;
  • A variety of international teas, coffees, honey, jams, and preserves;
  • A huge selection of candy that is not available anywhere else.

A gift that keeps on giving. For all of our dedicated customers, we think you are going to be excited to see how your spending can also be rewarding.

*- HOW TO EARN POINTS? 3 points – for each item ordered from Authentic Platters category of our Menu; 2 points – for each item ordered from Mezze, Wraps, &Pick Two categories; 1 point – for all other Menu items.

Once you’ve collected enough points, we will email a digital coupon worth $10 you can use towards your next purchase. You may Sign Up or check to see how many points you’ve earned using the button below.