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Leena Yousefi

Leena Yousefi

Ronak Leena Yousefi

Founder & Family Lawyer

Chosen as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada and voted as the #1 top-rated Vancouver Divorce Lawyer in BC*, Ronak Leena Yousefi is the founder of YLaw and has also won over 90% of her family law cases from 2013 to present*.

She has been the successful counsel on several groundbreaking cases in British Columbia, including winning precedent-setting cases on child abduction, property division, spousal support, child custody, child alienation and child support in BC.

Provincial and Supreme Court Judges have commended Leena on her outstanding and clear representation in court, with one commenting on her submissions as “thorough and clear” and another, thanking her for her “professionalism”, “able submissions” and the way she conducted herself at acrimonious and tenacious trials.

Leena’s Awards, Top Rated Vancouver Family Lawyer

Leena Yousefi | Top Rated Vancouver Iranian Iranian Family Lawyer, YLaw Group: Vancouver Family Lawyers | Family Law Firm

Leena established YLaw Group and is leading the fastest growing Family Law Firm in British Columbia. Her track record is unmatched in Vancouver and in British Columbia. YLaw and Leena have won the following awards:

The youngest and one of the top 25 most influential lawyers in Canada in 2018 by the Canadian Lawyer Organization.

  •     #1 Top Rated Divorce Lawyer in BC by Lawyerratingz.
  •     Top 3 Vancouver Family Law Firms by threebestrated.com
  •     #4 Best Family Law Blog in the World by Blog FeedSpot, 2017.
  •     Best Family Law Firm of Vancouver in 2015 by Top Choice Awards;
  •     Best in Class by Lawyerist;
  •     Best in Class by IMA awards;
  •     Gold Winner by the Marcom awards;
  •     Platinum Winner of the AVA awards;
  •     Gold Winner, W3 Awards.

YLaw Group is a family law firm located in downtown, Vancouver, BC. It has won the Top Choice Award for the Best Family Law Firm in BC and its founder, Leena (Ronak) Yousefi has been voted as the top family lawyer in BC. YLaw specializes in medium to high net worth family asset division, child support, spousal support, divorce and settlement agreements. We are known for our ambitious and strategic litigation practices and won more than 90% of our court cases in 2014.