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Lawyer Eiman Rejali | CA Attorney

Lawyer Eiman Rejali | CA Attorney: Eiman Rejali, Esq. Attorney Eiman Rejali comes from a very diverse business background and has held numerous executive and management positions here in the United States and overseas.

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Mr Rejali has negotiated various international business ventures in the areas of manufacturing, distribution and import/export.

After his very successful role in the business industry, Mr Rejali decided to fulfil his lifelong goal of becoming an attorney and helping others navigate through the complexities of our legal system.

His prior experience has played a pivotal role in the complex legal field. After graduating from law school and passing the California BAR on his first attempt, Mr Rejali decided to immediately start his own practice and founded The Law Firm L.C. in San Diego, California.

Mr Rejali is very passionate about helping others receive the justice they deserve, his main practice areas are Criminal Defense, Immigration Law and Personal Injury.

Practising Areas TLF is a full-service law firm with its main focus in the fields of Criminal Defense, Immigration and Personal injury. At TLF we pride ourselves on giving our clients individual attention. The law is complicated, getting in touch with your attorney shouldn’t be! At most law firms you have to leave a message, talk to a receptionist for secretary and hope that your attorney gets the message.

This can be very frustrating. At TLF you can directly send a message or have your call immediately directed to your attorney and get a response as quick as possible.

Immigration At TLF we offer a wide variety of immigration services in San Diego and all other cities in the continental U.S. TLF immigration services include all types of Non-Immigrant Visas, Employment-Based Visas, Finance K Visas, Family Petitions, Consular Processing, Adjustment of Status, Waivers, TPS, and Deportation Defense.

We provide competitive immigration fees, contact us for a free evaluation of your case. Criminal Defense If you or a loved one has been arrested for a criminal offence in San Diego the consequences can be devastating, anything you do from this point forward is very important. DO NOT speak to anyone, especially law enforcement officials about your criminal charges.

Anything you say can and will be held against you. Without an aggressive and knowledgeable attorney fighting for your rights, your conviction