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Law Offices of Roxana Amiri | Immigration and Nationality Law, Lawyer in Long Beach, California

Attorney at Law

We can help you and your family get immigrant (green cards) or non-immigrant visas to the United States.

We will work with you so you can find the best solution for you.

We have licensed attorneys and we concentrate on only immigration law and nothing else.

We speak English, French, and Farsi.

If we can help you, we will let you know and work together towards your solution.

If we cannot help you, we won’t give you false hopes.

Our reputation and ethical values do not allow us to take a case, which has no chance or very little chance to be won.

We are on your side.

NON-IMMIGRANT VISAS If you wish to visit the US. as a tourist or to work temporarily, you may be interested in getting a non-immigrant visa.

There are many different types of temporary visas (visas that are issued for a specific purpose and specific time period), the most common of which is the B visa for visitors.

It is now possible to visit the U.S. for up to 3 months from many different countries without any visa at all.

Our office is very experienced in assisting you with the necessary documentation and procedure to procure a non-immigrant visa, but most importantly, we can analyze exactly what type of visa will best suit your immediate and future needs.

There are several temporary visas that allow you to work here.

If you are a professional or a fashion model, an employer can petition for you to have an H-1B visa. This visa can last up to 6 years. Iranian Lawyer in Long Beach

In most cases, the position requires a college degree, but there are exceptions and experience may be considered instead.

There are many other conditions, such as the commitment from the employer to pay the prevailing wage and the occupation of the alien which must be a speciality occupation.

Finally, this type of visa is employer dependent and non-transferable.

Certified nurses can also have an H1C visa, which follows specific requirements