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Law Offices of Michael J Rouhani

Law Offices of Michael J Rouhani | Iranian Personal injury attorney in Santa Clara, California

CASES WE HANDLE Personal Injury Automobile Accidents; Truck Accidents; Bicycle Accidents; Pedestrian Accidents; Slip and Fall; Personal Injury

Litigation Civil Litigation; Business Litigation; Consumer Litigation; Contract Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Real Estate Litigation; Fraud Litigation

Corporate Litigation; Employment Litigation; Wrongful Termination; Insurance Litigation; Lawsuit Defense; Default Judgments; Commercial Collections; Debt Collections; Shareholder Derivative Actions; Breach of Contract; Americans with Disabilities Act; Unfair Competition

Unlawful Detainer Litigation Consumer Law Consumer Fraud; Automobile Dealer Fraud; Consumer Protection; Consumer Rights; Debtors and Creditors; Assistance to In Pro Per Litigants

Business Law Business Litigation; Commercial Litigation; Corporations; Partnerships; Commercial Leases Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Litigation (representing both debtors and creditors) Iranian Personal injury Lawyer

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Michel J. Rouhani received his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in 1992. He was licensed to practice law in California in 1992.

He is licensed to practice before all courts of the State of California, the Supreme Court of the United States, the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California.

He is accredited by the French Consulate General in San Francisco.

For the past 26 years, he has been representing Businesses and Individuals, Plaintiffs and Defendants, and Debtors and Creditors in Both State and Federal Courts in:

Civil Trials, Civil Litigation, Business Litigation, Personal Injury Litigation, Insurance Litigation, Consumer Law and Litigation, Real Estate Law and Litigation, Landlord and Tenant Litigation, Employment Litigation, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Litigation, Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings, ADA Litigation

DMV Hearings, Appeals, Contracts Drafting and Negotiation, Business Formation, International Law, Immigration Law, Binding Arbitration, Mediation, and Banking Law.

He was commended by the Santa Clara County Bar Association and the Pro Bono Project of Santa Clara County for his contributions to the delivery of pro bono legal services.