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Law Offices of Mehrani, PLLC

Persian Lawyer in Michigan

In fact, Law Offices of Mehrani (PLLC) are licensed to practice in the State of Michigan in all areas of the law.
Yet since the federal government enforces immigration laws, attorneys, she advises.
Next, represents clients all over the United States in her immigration practice.
However, possessing an international background, the attorney understands her international clients’ needs.
She meets with every client one-on-one,
First, provide attentive and tailored legal help to better meet the client’s unique needs.
Likewise, we provide first class legal advice to big and small companies and to units on matters
involving employment-based visas Further, residency, business and investment, and students.
Similarly, scholars’ visa, consular processing, family based competitions, and naturalization.

Law Offices of Mehrani, PLLC.

Based in Michigan. Led by founding partner Ghazal N. Mehrani,
To clarify, we will handle your case with care, Besides due diligence with us. Our offices are.
I certainly composed it of a distinguished team of smart and strategic. Moreover, compassionate attorneys with a
a shared commitment to our clients and excellence in advocating for those clients.
For instance, Services We provide first class legal advice to big and small businesses and to
individuals in matters involving employment-based visas. For example, residency, business.
Besides, Investments, student and visas, consular processing, family based competitions, and naturalization.

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Law Offices of Mehrani, PLLC Green Card through Employment
If you have foreign national talent on board that you would
Would like to petition for their green card so we can help you. Whether outstanding professor/researchers.
skilled/unskilled workers, we will ensure you that we provide trusted legal solutions.

Employment First Preferences (EB-1):

Priority Workers outstanding professors & researchers,
Multimedia Manager or Executive Employment Second Preference (EB-2): Professionals
Holding Advanced Degrees Employment Third Preference (EB-3): Skilled Workers, Professionals,
and Unskilled Workers (Other Workers)?? ?PERM Labor Certification Non-immigrant Work Visas We
also excel in obtaining many non-immigrant work visas such as B-1/B-2 Business visitors H-1B
for professional workers L-1A/L-1B for intercompany transferees TN for Canadian and Mexican
Citizen O-1 for individuals with extraordinary ability, E3 for Australian citizens.

We work with clients anywhere in the country.

Therefore, contact us to inquire about our competitive fees.
Namely, once you hire us, you do not need to be concerned about every email or phone call you make.
For example, our flat fees include unlimited email and phone calls.
In fact, the Corporate Compliance Services I-9 Form completion Department of Labor audits General counsel.