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Law Offices of Marie Higuera

Law Offices of Marie Higuera


Immigration attorney in Seattle, Washington
Seattle Immigration and Nationality Law Attorneys.
Living lawfully in the United States is an opportunity that many people dream about but which can be a challenge.
Complex and restrictive immigration laws, language barriers, and an individual’s prior immigration or criminal history can all add to the challenge of immigrating to the United States or remaining here lawfully.
Having someone that you trust to manage your case can make a difference.
Higuera & Vanderhoef PLLC, Immigration Attorneys, works with clients in a variety of immigration law matters.
The attorneys at Higuera & Vanderhoef PLLC are well respected for our understanding of US immigration law.
We assist clients with citizenship and lawful permanent residence applications, defend those facing removal proceedings, and help victims of persecution gain asylum protection.
We are committed to providing effective and affordable legal services for immigrants. Iranian lawyer in Washington
Immigration law is our only area of practice.
Contact our office if you would like to discuss a United States immigration law issue with one of our attorneys.
We will give you an honest and thorough evaluation of your options. All of our attorneys are fluent in Spanish.


If you are living in fear of persecution or harm in your home country, you may qualify for asylum, withholding of removal or Convention Against Torture relief.


Do you have a criminal history, unlawful presence or other issues that make it difficult to obtain legal residence? Obtaining a waiver of inadmissibility or a waiver of prior removal or deportation may make residency possible.

Family Immigration

We reunite families and keep them together by helping them with safe and legal U.S. visa and residential applications.

Deportation Defense

We provide representation in all phases of removal and deportation proceedings.

Higuera Marie, Attorney is a privately held company in Seattle, Washington and is an Unknown business.