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Law Offices of Ira J Nasserian | Iranian immigration lawyer in San Francisco

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Law Offices of Ira J. Nasserian Ira J. Nasserian is a highly experienced and professional attorney who I highly endorse.

He is always considerate of his clients’ needs and is the type of attorney who will go the extra mile for you. The information contained on this website is intended to introduce prospective clients to the Law Offices of Ira J.

Nasserian and is not to be considered a legal opinion or an offer to represent you.

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EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Permanent residency (Green Card) is available to investors under EB-5 eligibility, either alone or with their spouse and unmarried children.

One who invests or who is actively in the process of investing the required amount of capital into a new commercial enterprise that they have established and created the requisite number of employees in the United States.

in Law Offices of Ira J Nasserian, Our firm is highly experienced in all aspects of United States Immigration Laws. We have successfully obtained Immigrant visas through Family, Employment (such as Labor Certification), Investment (such as EB5), and humanitarian basis (such as Asylum).

Law Offices of Ira J Nasserian also have extensive experience in non-immigrant work visas including H-1B, L-1, O, E2, J-1 subject of two years Home country residence, F-1 student an extension of B visas. Most importantly we have presented a number of EB1 and EB2 cases successfully.

Your case will be reviewed in a free consultation session to determine the best method of approach for success.

Our established record of success in representing clients in Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals, Federal District Courts and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is a testimony of our ability to protect your interests.

1. Who establish a new commercial enterprise by: Creating an original business;Purchasing an existing business and simultaneously or subsequently restructuring or reorganizing the business such that a new commercial enterprise results; or Expanding an existing business by 140 percent of the pre-investment number of jobs or net worth, or retaining all existing jobs in a troubled business that has lost 20 percent of its net worth over the past 12 to 24 months; and 2. Who have invested — or who are actively in the process of investing

— in a new commercial enterprise: At least $1,000,000, or At least $500,000 where the investment is being made in a “targeted employment area,” which is an area that has experienced unemployment of at least 150 per cent of the national average rate or a rural area as designated by OMB; and 3. Whose engagement in a new commercial enterprise will benefit the United States economy and Create full-time employment for not fewer than 10 qualified individuals; or Maintain the number of existing employees at no less than the pre-investment level for a period of at least two years, where the capital investment is being made in a “troubled business,” which is a business that has been in existence for at least two years and that has lost 20 per cent of its net worth over the past 12 to 24 months.

Firm Overview Craig, We offer clients individualized attention and expertise on a full spectrum of immigration issues.

Our motto is integrity and honesty, two values which we prioritize above all else.

  • At the Law Office of Ira J. Nasserian, our skilled staff are able to assist you with a variety of complex immigration legal matters, including:
  • Green Card applications
  • Naturalizations
  • Deportation Defense
  • Ninth Circuit and BIA appeals
  • Asylum
  • VAWA
  • U-Visa
  • Motion to Reopen
  • DACA
  • F-1 Visas
  • K-1 Visas
  • Removal of Conditions
  • B-1 and B-2 Visas
  • H-1B Visa
  • O-1 Visa
  • Cancellation of Removal
  • Attorney Ira J. Nasserian
  • Education
  • Jurist Doctor; Western State

PhD Work Operation Research, University of Houston

Executive Management, Iran Center for Management Studies, Affiliated with Harvard Business School

Master of Science in Operation Research, University of Houston

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, the University of Texas at Austin


Admitted to Practice before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit;

Admitted to Practice before Supreme Court of California;

Admitted to Practice before The United States District Court, Central District of California;

Admitted to Practice before The United States Patent & Trade Mark Office

Member of Trial Lawyers of America

Member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association

Member of IEEE

World Wide Quality Control Manager for a High Volume Xerox Product;

Manager of Information Management System, Iran Electronic Industries