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Law Office of Shirafkan

Law Office of Shirafkan | Best Iranian Lawyers in Tysons Corner, VA

MY PHILOSOPHY “My mission is to reach the best result for my clients by providing creative, knowledgeable, and committed legal services. I understand that your case to you is the most important case and you can only make informed choices if you have the necessary information”

Law Office of Shirafkan is determined to make every effort to win every case. The goal is to ensure that you have the representation you deserve; that your rights are protected; and that when your case is finished, you are satisfied.

This satisfaction can be achieved only if you are fully aware of what the actual issues in your case are. What are the possible solutions and what are your options? There is a fine line between victory and defeat. Experience, dedication, and perseverance can make all the difference.

We work hard to give you the highest quality of legal representation with an effective and zealous edge.

 Traffic Criminal, Civil & Personal Injury, Immigration

We take pride in delivering a personalized service to all of our clients. Here are few testimonials from our previous clients found on social media:

“Makan Shirafkan is an incredibly skilled counsellor, who dedicates himself to your case from start to finish. When I was charged with a very serious violation.

At first, every single person I spoke to told me that there was no way that I would be able to avoid a fairly lengthy jail sentence. As you can imagine I was extremely concerned and worried about my future.

After I was referred to Makan by someone very close to me, those concerns vanished.

From our very first conversation, Makan brought a level of seriousness and professionalism to my case, while remaining an absolute pleasure to work with.

He always had very clear instructions, and explained things thoroughly; it was clear to me that Makan thought of us as a team and truly cared about the outcome. I cannot say enough about Makan, both as a man and a lawyer. I highly recommend his services and am sure that if I ever need counselling again Makan will be the man that I call.

” S.E “Our entire family thanks you for saving our father from the system that presumed he was guilty all along” P.Sh “Makan is professional, knowledgeable and competent. He makes it clear that you are not just a “case” to him and shows compassion and concern.

So thankful for all of his help. I’ve referred friends to him and they have also had great experiences with him” Kelly

MAKAN SHIRAFKAN FOUNDER BIO “The only way to do great work is to love what you do” Steve Jobs I aim to live a life of meaning. I am motivated by doing what is right and what is fair. And I believe in following your passion – in work and in life. I only work on the areas of law that I am passionate about.

My personal experiences and hardships have groomed me to be the lawyer that I am today. Genuine partnerships are best formed through consistent updates and clear-cut explanations. So, know that at my firm, you’re always in on the plan and the strategy behind it. Being a good attorney is as much about your ability to explain the law to your clients as it is about implementing the legal process in a trial. Farsi Speaking Lawyers

Therefore, I make thorough explanations a top priority. Client education is simply the first step to success. As a child of an immigrant, my experience has motivated me to have a unique appreciation for what an immigration status in this country means.

Law Office of Shirafkan: I understand that such a status is not just an Alien Number. It’s the livelihood of an entire family tree.

I still remember the night when our plane landed in Sacramento International Airport and I walked for the first time on U.S. ground. As a person who at the age of 19 was wrongly charged, convicted, and imprisoned, I have a unique appreciation for freedom and fighting for those accused of wrongdoing by our criminal justice system.

In my opinion, the Rodney King case helped O.J Simpson trial and O.J. Simpson trial hurt many cases after. I saw with my own eyes how Lady justice is sometimes too blind.

I love the ability to give a voice to the accused, and the responsibility of protecting their rights.

As a business owner & operator of businesses for over two decades, I understand that your business is the means by which you provide for your family; in some cases, your entire saving in past and for future.

I believe in giving back to the community and helping the next generation overcome their obstacles. I have been invited to speak to various schools, seminars, and stay active in community outreach programs. BAR LOCATION District of Columbia Commonwealth of Virginia Eastern District Court of Virginia

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Makan came highly recommended by a friend.

Makan came highly recommended by a friend, He is located in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Very creative, knowledgeable, and committed legal services!

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