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Law Office of Gilda Defaii

Law Office of Gilda Defaii | Iranian Attorney at Law, San Francisco & Bay Area

Practice Areas

  • Transactional and Business
  • Counselling
  • Mediation
  • Litigation

At The Law Office of Gilda Defaii, we put the interests of our clients first, always.

Gilda Defaii Since her graduation from Santa Clara Law School in 1994, Gilda Defaii has served a variety of business entities, business owners and professionals as their attorney.

Her representation is zealous and skilful to clients in numerous types of clients, as well as provide knowledgeable advice, counselling and representation in many types of business transactions.

Matters are handled promptly, efficiently, economically, thoughtfully, proficiently, confidentially, and in accordance with the wishes of the client.

The client’s goals and expectations in connection with the assignment are carefully explored and thoroughly understood at the outset.

The client’s options in seeking to attain those goals, and the procedure involved, are fully explained.

Transactional and Business Counseling Ms Defaii provides advice and representation to clients in regard to business and commercial contracts, including commercial leases. Iranian Attorney at Law in San Francisco

She negotiates on her clients’ behalf, prepares or reviews such contracts and lease agreements. She also provides counselling and prepares employment agreements relating to key employees. Mediation Nearly 95% of cases settle outside of a trial.

Ms Defaii’s goal is to limit the attorney’s fees the parties will expand in trying to resolve their disputes. Many disputes merely require a neutral party to help facilitate a compromise which will allow the parties to avoid the lengthy, tumultuous, and many times unpredictable litigation track to trial.

By stressing the importance of doing a risk/benefit analysis, Ms Defaii aids the clients to resolve disputes to benefit her clients and reduce the stressors that come with the adversarial proceeding of litigation.

Ms Defaii helps clients see cases through to mediation as well as acts as a mediator where the parties are represented by individual counsellor are not represented by counsel.

Litigation Ms Defaii represents clients in a broad range of litigation matters, specializing in business and commercial transactions. She also represents clients in custody and divorce proceedings. She provides pre-litigation counselling and case evaluation; and if litigation is appropriate and necessary, she personally handles cases from inception through trial and any subsequent appellate proceedings.

Ms Defaii believes in guiding her clients through the legal proceedings with a thorough explanation of the process, which is most often unknown to litigants, and helping ease their worries by discussing and explaining the assessments of the case with clients at each juncture.

Ms Defaii has successfully handled transactional matters as well as litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings, involving commercial contracts and leases, purchase and sale of businesses, oral contract disputes, partnership disputes and claims, employment contract disputes, family law matters including custody, visitation, divorce, and bankruptcy.

Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services in the areas of business and family law, bankruptcy, and mediation.