Lavash Inner Sunset Restaurant, CA 


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Lavash Inner Sunset Restaurant, CA

Lavash Inner Sunset Restaurant, CA:  To all our Lavash family, friends, and our community, unfortunately, there was a fire at Lavash. We are thankful that nobody was injured and everyone is safe. But sadly, we will be closed until further notice.

We want to thank everyone who’s been a part of Lavash and the community that’s supported us throughout the years. We will keep you updated on our progress as we work to rebuild. We look forward to the day we open our doors again.

Thank you, Lavash Family

Nazila and Saeed Talai are long-time San Francisco entrepreneurs, having owned several businesses over the past 30 years. They have committed their lives to flowers, food, and winemaking the lives of San Franciscans more beautiful in the process. In addition to restaurants, they have owned several flower shops in San Francisco, including Iris Flower in the Sunset District and Camalia Flower on Clement.

Nazila, a natural-born artist, brings her painter’s sensibility and florist’s experience to every meal. She loves to entertain friends and family in her home, throwing a dinner party at the slightest excuse.

Her unique and creative presentations have always thrilled her friends, who refer to her as the “Persian Martha Stewart.”

Nazila learned cooking from her grandmother, a loving woman with a knack for bringing the whole family together over warm plates of lavash and kashk-e bademjan. Nazila spent her childhood summers with her grandmother in a house full of the tastes and scents of authentic Persian food, learning all the tricks and customs of true home cooking.

Saeed is a self-taught chef and proud Persian. His dishes combine the best of authentic Persian cuisine – the delicate but complex seasoning, fresh herbs, and top-quality meat and vegetables – with California green values and health-consciousness. Saeed is a chef and an athlete, the winner of a statewide racquetball championship, and he knows the importance of healthy food and healthy living. Check out this video made by Payam Jaffari for Lavash Restaurant