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Kiya Movassaghi | Plastic Surgeon

Kiya Movassaghi | Plastic Surgeon in Eugene, Oregon

Movassaghi Plastic Surgery & Ziba Medical Spa: Kiya Movassaghi MD

Explore your cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery options and medical skin care services in our safe and nurturing environment.

Eugene’s premier cosmetic surgery practice & medical spa. Nationally recognized board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr Kiya Movassaghi. (541) 686-8700

Iranian Plastic Surgeon in Eugene

Dr Movassaghi was recently named President of the Northwest Society of Plastic Surgeons (NWSPS) and is featured in Plastic Surgery Practice discusses Dr Movassaghi’s new role as President of the Northwest Society of Plastic Surgeons (NWSPS).

NWSPS represents more than 350 member physicians from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska

When Dr Kiya Movassaghi opened his cosmetic surgery practice in Eugene in 2002, there were few options available besides surgery for those looking to tighten skin in certain areas of the body and remove unwanted fat.

“The gap between surgery and no surgery was wide, and there was nothing in between,” says Movassaghi. It was with this in mind that he sought out the latest in noninvasive technologies for body contouring and skin tightening for his practice’s Ziba Medical Spa.

When Dr Movassaghi moved into his new office at Garden Way Medical Center in 2008, he set it up to include the expanded services of Ziba Medical Spa. Persian/Iranian plastic surgery

He was seeing patients who could benefit from ongoing skin care, patients who could benefit from post-surgical skin care, and patients who were not ready for surgery but wanted to maintain their skin.

“I realized very quickly that a medical spa where I could provide these kinds of advanced skin care treatments under medical supervision was necessary,” says Movassaghi. Ziba (“beautiful” in Persian) offers a wide spectrum of medical-grade spa treatments, including microdermabrasion, peels, photo facials, laser vein treatment, and laser hair removal.

“Teaching our patients about great skin care and helping them maintain their skin is part of the whole program,” says practice administrator and office manager Niloo Marashi.

A recent addition to Movassaghi’s practice is Exilis, a new method to tighten loose skin anywhere on the body and get rid of unwanted fat with no anaesthesia and no downtime. “It is a very advanced technology,” says medical aesthetician Casey McNabb. “Exilis uses radio frequency to create an intense heat that stimulates collagen repair to reduce wrinkles, treat skin laxity, and reshape your face and body.” top plastic surgeons in Oregon

“I not only enjoy doing the surgery, I enjoy the artistic part of it,” says Movassaghi, a Harvard Medical School graduate who also completed his plastic surgery training there. “I see firsthand the impact that I have on people’s lives because I am changing the shape of something they carry with them their whole lives. I think that is a wonderful thing.”

Persian Plastic Surgeon in Oregon