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Ketab Corporation | Ketab Corp, Iranian Bookstore in Los Angeles, California

Unassuming store offering a selection of Persian, Farsi & Iranian books, music & movies.
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Iranian Bookstore in Los Angeles

Introducing the Premier Iranian Bookstore: A Treasure Trove of Persian Literature, Music, Cinema, and More

Welcome to the very first Iranian bookstore dedicated to showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of Iran through an extensive collection of Persian books, music, songs, movies, and films, all thoughtfully curated to cater to your every taste. We proudly present to you a haven for enthusiasts of Persian culture, where you can immerse yourself in the literary wonders, melodies, and cinematic gems that define Iran’s unique heritage.

At Ketabe Gooya, we are passionate about connecting you with the finest selection of Persian books, Farsi books, and Iranian books (ketabe Farsi). Our repository, Ketabe Gooya, is an expansive database that houses a comprehensive array of Persian and Farsi books, whether they were printed within the vibrant borders of Iran or outside of it. We are dedicated to being your primary resource for discovering, exploring, and acquiring Persian literary treasures.

Our diverse catalog allows you to easily navigate through our extensive selection of Persian books. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur of Persian literature or a curious newcomer, we have something to suit your preferences. The allure of Persian language and culture is best experienced through its written words, and our mission is to make these gems accessible to you.

Within our extensive collection, you’ll find a wide range of newly printed Persian books (Farsi books) prominently featured at the top of our list, ensuring that you stay updated with the latest literary releases from the heart of Persian literature. These books encompass a myriad of genres, from classic literature to contemporary fiction, historical accounts to philosophical musings, and everything in between.

To enhance your browsing experience, our Persian books are conveniently categorized, making it effortless for you to explore specific genres or areas of interest. Whether you seek poetry, history, politics, art, or any other subject, our catalog is meticulously organized to help you discover your next captivating read.

Moreover, we understand that language should not be a barrier when exploring the rich heritage of Iran. That’s why, in addition to offering our catalog in Farsi, we provide English language support, ensuring that you can effortlessly search for your desired Persian books, Farsi books, or Iranian books with ease.

At Ketabe Gooya, we are more than just a bookstore; we are a gateway to the vibrant, diverse, and captivating world of Persian culture. Whether you are seeking literary masterpieces, musical enchantments, or cinematic treasures, we are here to provide you with the best of Iran’s artistic expressions.

Join us on this journey through the literary, musical, and cinematic wonders of Iran, and let Ketabe Gooya be your trusted companion in exploring the vast and captivating universe of Persian culture. Immerse yourself in the richness of Persian literature, music, songs, movies, and films, and embark on a cultural adventure like no other. Welcome to Ketabe Gooya, your portal to the soul of Iran.