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Kamyar Mehdiyoun LLM

Kamyar Mehdiyoun LLM :

High-Quality Tax Advice and Legal Help Our firm’s exclusive focus is providing high quality but the affordable legal advice in tax controversy matters. Our clients often come to us with tax problems and tax disputes ranging from federal tax and IRS problems to those involving state tax issues in Maryland (MD),

District of Columbia (DC), Massachusetts (MA) and New York (NY). They seek help and legal advice relating to state and IRS tax audits, state and IRS tax debt relief, state and IRS property seizures (including bank account levy and wage or salary garnishment),

IRS back taxes and tax debts including tax penalty and interest, innocent spouse relief, IRS delinquent tax liabilities, tax obligations that are in the IRS tax collection process such as a tax lien or a tax levy and statue of limitations issues involving a state or IRS notice of tax delinquency. Taxation law is notoriously complex and confusing. Early intervention by an experienced IRS tax debt relief lawyer often leads to early, inexpensive and favourable resolution of your tax dispute with the IRS or a state taxing authority.

The same problem if handled by a non-specialist will very likely result in tax penalties, expensive tax liens, tax levies and even civil and criminal tax investigation and litigation. We help our clients in the course of their dealings with the IRS and with state taxing authorities.

These matters often begin when individual taxpayers or small businesses learn that they have been targeted for a state or an IRS tax auditor when they receive a tax bill or a notice of tax delinquency. We continue our legal assistance by representing our clients before the IRS in any tax debt collection actions such as a tax lien or tax levy and counselling them throughout any litigation in the United States Tax Court.

IRS & tax attorney, Kamyar Mehdiyoun, assists clients with IRS & tax problems, civil & criminal tax litigation & tax controversy issues.

He also provides tax help relating to tax & IRS audits, unfiled tax returns, IRS tax levy & tax penalty issues, IRS tax collections, IRS appeals, back taxes, tax debt relief, tax disputes, IRS property seizures and delinquent tax obligations. If you need an IRS tax lawyer, contact Kamyar Mehdiyoun’s tax law firm located in Rockville, Maryland and serving Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA) and Washington, DC metro area as well as the rest of the U.S.

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