Jet Set | Persian Restaurant in Paris


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Jet Set | Persian Restaurant in Paris

Jet Set | Persian Restaurant in Paris

A stone’s throw from the Champs Elysees, a magical world awaits you, embark on a journey through the delights of the east, Persian gastronomy, Moroccan gastronomy, Lebanese caterer, dinner show with belly dancer, enjoy your Sisisian saffron dinner, caviar , foie gras and champagne, in a thousand and one night atmosphere, the universe jet set, a magical universe calls you.

In this sifted context, mixing tables with white tablecloths and red and black chairs, the regulars appreciate both the Persian cuisine fragrant with saffron and herbs, the location of the place – close to the most famous avenue in the world – as its discretion.

ultimate privilege: here one can eat at any time, the service is continuous from 11:30 until dawn. Besides, and it proves that we have pleasure, the room always full. Well after lunch, all afternoon until late at night, businessmen, passing tourists, celebrities and fans of one of the richest and oldest cuisines, flock in dispersed order to JetSet.

LACARTE visitevirtuelle To start, let yourself be seduced by some traditional appetizers like hummus (hamousse for Iranians), mashed chickpeas with garlic, dolmeh Bargue mau, tasty stuffed vine leaves, refreshing mast o khiar a homemade yogurt with cucumber and herbs, or Iranian caviar served with a glass of vodka *. Then let your senses take in the delicious and best lamb or chicken skewers marinated in saffron (all meats are halal certified) and its subtly fragrant rice. Also fall to dishs with sauce like Baghali polo ba goucht (lamb stewed in rice beans, dill), grilled shrimp skewers with or without the bed of caviar, or every Sunday at the abgoucht, the famous Iranian stew.

Finally, why not end your culinary journey with delicious homemade ice cream, fadouleh (sorbet with rice noodles and lime green) or homemade Bastani, a Persian ice cream flavored with rose water and crushed pistachios. Gustatory feast is assured, especially from 22pm at 5am, the JetSet put dishes in large with musical entertainment always appreciated: Eastern music during the week, Iran on Friday and Saturday night with belly dancers.


  • Mast o Moussir homemade yoghurt with Garlic mountain.
  • Borani Spinach with yoghurt.
  • Salade Olivier Macedonia, potatoes, chicken, pickles, mayonnaise
  • Salade Chirazi Diced tomatoes, cucumber, onion, herbs.
  • Hamousse Mashed chickpeas with garlic
  • Soupé Djo Barley soup.
  • Salade mixte Lettuce, tomato, cucumber
  • Chèvre chaud Green Salad, tomatoes, goat cheese on toast


  • Brochette JetSet turkey fillet served with rice with almonds.
  • Koubideh Skewer of minced lamb.
  • Chic Kabab Lamb and delicious peppers.
  • G.Bademdjan fried lamb with peas and eggplant broken.
  • The butcher’s favorite.
  • Salmon steak.
  • Today’s Spécial.


  • Nan Khaméï Cream puffs
  • Homemade Roulette Persian cake.
  • Homemade Bastani Persian ice cream flavored with rose water and crushed pistachios.
  • Fresh fruits salad
  • Caramel cream