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Jeffreys | Beverly Hills, CA

Jeffreys | Persian / Iranian Jewelry Store in Beverly Hills, California

Jeffreys Bijan Javaheri

It is with great pleasure and excitement that Bijan Javaheri presents his newest flagship store, JEFFREYS, located in the heart of Beverly Hills. With an inexpressible admiration and a grateful heart, Bijan was able to cherish his father’s legacy by naming the store after him.

Working from the age of 10, Bijan’s father went on to establish himself as a reputable jeweller in IRAN under the name of Ghasre Javaher. Through the decades he has gained notoriety amongst international jewellers for his designs, integrity, and honesty.

As a third generation jeweller, Bijan has designed and created exquisite jewellery for the couple’s engagements, many celebrities and other jewellers.

We at Jeffreys, are honoured to have the opportunity to serve our customers at one of the most memorable moments of their lives, in the continuance of the legacy that the Javaheri family has started.

The Javaheri family is honoured to be recognized and recommended again and again for their sense of style and design, and the integrity and honesty behind each creation.

Iranian Jewelry Store in Beverly Hills

Our exceptional values and attention to detail are what our customers are accustomed to and what we aim for.

We would like our clientele to know that we also buy all varieties of fine jewellery; estate & new pieces; loose diamonds; engagements & wedding rings; bracelets; necklaces; earrings; pendants; pre-owned luxury watches and timepieces such as Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, etc

as well as antiques and signed pieces of art. As the tradition in many households, JEFFREYS is dedicated to providing the best service of the past generation, to meet the needs of a new generation. From your grandparents to your parents, to you, Jeffreys is committed to fabulous fine jewellery that will last