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Janan Vahdani

Best Iranian Immigration Lawyer in Istanbul, Turkey

Janan Vahdani Eren Consultant, Tabriz University Faculty of Law, 2010 Graduated. Afterward, Isfahan University Private Law Master Thesis, 2018 CERTIFICATION:
Human Rights PRACTICE: Immigration Law. Family Law. Commercial Law. FOREIGN LANGUAGE: English, Persian.

Hunting. A. Taciser has been established by ÜLKÜ EVENT

But, our office gives importance to teamwork in a school atmosphere. Since then, it has formed its corporate identity with the consultancy of the company.
Second, our office, which has been doing this for three generations,
For instance, the child of a kadi grandfather and a jurist father. Meanwhile, staff are to serve our valued customers.
Janan Vahdani, Best Iranian Immigration Lawyer in Istanbul, Turkey
Thus, while we are doing our duty, we are not subject to anyone. Similarly, neither to the client, nor to the judge, nor to the power.
To illustrate, we do not claim the existence of persons below us. But we do not know any hierarchical superiors. Not! In conclusion, we provide advocacy, mediation, and real estate acquisition. In the same vein, immigration,
Trademark attorney ship services to individuals and companies.

Janan Vahdani: also provides legal consultancy services for corporations and corporate firms.

  • FAMILY Law
  • PRESS Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • rental Law
  • Private International Law
  • Law of Contracts
  • Mercial Law

Janan Vahdani Eren

For instance, forward and more dynamic differences arise between the social structure and,
The necessity of these basic laws and the social needs of today.
Therefore, it is undisputed that there will be differences between the laws enacted in certain social periods.
Despite historical processes in order to maintain public order.
Namely, the question that needs to be addressed is whether,
Replaces new items, and such, deletes new ones. For example, we can update them with the new requirements.
Or by changing the existing laws of that day.