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ISSD | Iranian School of San Diego

ISSD | Iranian School of San Diego

Persian Cultural Center | San Diego

Language school in San Diego, California

ISSD (Iranian School Of San Diego)

Persian Cultural Center (PCC) is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political 501(c) (3) national organization, established in 1989 in San Diego, California

Persian Cultural Center’s Mission To provide an enriching and welcoming environment for all who seek to strengthen the bonds of community, culture, and cross-cultural understanding.

About the Persian Cultural Center As a means of facilitating its mission, PCC has formed the following affiliated entities: the Iranian School of San Diego (ISSD) (now in its 28th year offering language classes to both children and adults), the Persian Dance Academy (teaching a variety of folkloric dances to children and adults)

the PCC Foundation (raising funds for humanitarian causes such as families and individuals in financial crisis in our community), and Peyk (a bilingual, bimonthly magazine, professionally published, and with an approximate circulation of 6000).

PCC’s core activities are multifaceted and include musical concerts, lectures, art exhibitions, dance performances, as well as language, theatre, traditional instruments, and art classes.

The variety of PCC’s programming draws diverse patronage extending far beyond San Diego. Language school in San Diego

We seek and welcome all members of the San Diego community and visitors to the City to enjoy and participate in our events and presentations.

To this end, our programs/events are non-partisan and secular, with an artistic and cultural value being the ultimate benchmarks.

  • Board of Directors and committee members
  • Nikoo Atefi
  • Fariba Babakhani- Ghazi
  • Farshad Babakhani
  • Parnian Badii
  • Ida Khodami
  • Hossein Hajimolana
  • Hamid Rafizadeh
  • Farideh Rasouli-Fazel
  • Venus Safaei
  • Shahla Salah
  • Golsa Soraya
  • Alternate members:
  • City Nematollahi
  • Hamid Beikzadeh
  • Advisory Board:
  • Shahri Estakhry
  • Saeed Jalali
  • Rosita Bagheri
  • Shaghayegh Hanson
  • At the first meeting of the Board of Directors held on June 13, 2018, the following members were elected to serve as the executive committee of PCC for one year.
  • President– Fariba Babakhani- Ghazi
  • Vice President– Nikoo Atefi
  • Treasurer– Hamid Rafizadeh
  • Secretary– Farideh Rasouli-Fazel
  • Other members of the BOD will be leading various committees, such as Arts and Culture, Events, Education(ISSD), Publications (Peyk), Grants, PR, Membership, and Finance.