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Isaac Hakim | Orthodontist

Isaac Hakim | Orthodontist, West Hollywood, California

Dr F Isaac Hakim has been practising in the same location since 1978.

We strive to provide the utmost care in Orthodontics and TMJ in a unique, fun environment.

Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills orthodontist, Dr Isaac Hakim and his highly skilled orthodontic team offer the best options for straightening teeth including self-ligating braces, cosmetic braces, behind the teeth braces and Invisalign® clear aligners as well as more specialized care comprising of TMJ disorders, jaw surgery or orthognathic surgery. Persian / Iranian Dentists
When you visit our Orthospaceship you will experience orthodontic care in an environment unlike any you’ve seen before!
 Aside from all fifty states, our patients fly in from all over the world to see Dr Hakim! Iranian American Dentists
A highly specialized orthodontist, Dr Hakim has been creating beautiful, confident, and healthy smiles for over 30 years.
The Orthospaceship is a unique and inviting environment that is exciting and welcoming at the same time.
Our argonauts (patients) have online access to their records, appointment and account information 24 hours a day through our website.
Our advanced patient communication system allows for complete transparency between Dr Hakim, the Orthospaceship crew and patients.
Establishing open communication ensures that we can achieve a true partnership and the most effective treatment.
Orthodontic Treatment At the Orthospaceship, we provide orthodontic care for all ages. Iranian Dentists in Los Angeles
Our patients have ranged in age from 3 to 89!
We offer a wide variety of treatment options and do everything in our power to make our patients’ orthodontic experience as comfortable as possible.
Not only is Dr Hakim a very specialized orthodontist he is also a TMJ Specialist.
He received additional training in this specific field at the Roth Williams Center for Functional Occlusion.
Clearly Defined Orthodontic Goals Our orthodontist, Dr Hakim has a unique approach to orthodontic treatment which he has perfected through many years of specialized training. He seeks to identify and address each problem at its source.
There is a strong functional relationship between the teeth, muscles and jaw joints, which should be respected throughout diagnosis and treatment.
Every person is unique.
We do not believe in the “one appointment” diagnosis. Rather we will gather all necessary information and measurements to make an accurate diagnosis before designing each treatment plan.

Dr F Isaac Hakim takes a whole health approach to orthodontic treatment. In order to achieve results that will stand the test of time, he aims for five objectives:

  • Improve facial esthetics.
  • Improve dental esthetics.
  • Place the jaw joint in its natural position.
  • Improve and preserve periodontal health.
  • Achieve a functional, healthy bite.

The key is to treat specific problems when they can and should be treated, while reserving treatment for other problems that can and should be corrected just as well, at a later time.

Dr F Isaac Hakim works hand-in-hand with your primary care dentist and other specialists in order to facilitate and prioritize your treatment.

Specialities: Orthodontics for All Ages and Advanced TMJ Treatment in Los Angeles