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Irvine Music Academy

Irvine Music Academy: Irvine Music Academy is the creation of Hamid Deihimi, a renowned musician and distinguished teacher. With the philosophy that being able to teach a music instrument requires completely different skillsets than the ability to play the instrument, all teachers at Irvine Music Academy are personally trained and coached by Hamid in teaching skills to enhance learning outcomes and ensure student success.

Hamid is an Iranian American who began his musical journey at the age of 6 and was trained by Anoushiravan Rouhani, a famous Iranian musician. As his love for music grew, Hamid attended Tehran University to study Iranian Classical Music Studies.

At the young age of 20, Hamid lost his eyesight and music became his escape from the challenges and realities of life. Hamid believes that music helped him open his eyes in a metamorphic sense. As Hamid’s musical journey continued, he found his passion is to teach others to play and enjoy the music the way he does.

He taught private music lessons for several years in Tehran before moving to Los Angeles with his family in 1981 and several years later co-founded the International Music Academy with his brother Saeed. With teaching studios in Tarzana and Westwood, the International Music Academy gave students in the Los Angeles area the opportunity to learn the music of their culture.

With the enormous success of the International Music Academy in Los Angeles, Hamid ventured to form a music school in Orange County in 2003 which eventually led to the birth of the Irvine Music Academy. Hamid has taught over 4,000 students in his 40 years of teaching.

With the profound impact, that music has had on his life, Hamid’s ultimate goal at Irvine Music Academy is to make a real difference in people’s life. Irvine Music Academy enriches people’s lives through high-quality music education

Studio Lessons Irvine Music Academy offers private lessons in a variety of instruments ranging from piano, guitar and strings to eastern instruments such as tar, tombak, and setar. We offer music education and voice lessons in all genres including, classical, jazz, contemporary, and Iranian classical.

Irvine Music Academy focuses on the teaching process and caters instruction to each student’s needs. Our talented teachers are trained to deliver effective instruction to enhance learning outcomes and ensure student success. Students at Irvine Music Academy enjoy learning and are recognized for their achievements through our regular recitals.

We train our students to become fearless performers and our recitals encourage consistent improvement.