Irvine Cafe | Irvine, CA


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Irvine Cafe | Irvine, CA

Irvine Cafe | Persian/Iranian, Mediterranean Cafe IN Irvine, CA

Excellent food, service, and price. Must try It with fantastic personnel. You will love it.

Irvine Cafe is my favorite grocery store as well as a dining restaurant.

Their restaurant presents Persian food which is really good and fresh and their restaurant employees are

Friendly and nice especially Mona and Azita, if you need help ask for them they’ll help you.

I extremely recommend Irvine Cafe. Go there and it’ll be your forever Market.

Prices are pretty high but the food tastes amazing.

Its hid away in a supermarket but I go here for the kabob. Its Persian styled and I love it.

They have the really good beer, very delicious.

They cater to big events (i used them for our office party, and they threw in free yogurt). Workers are friendly and prompt.