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Iranian Women Association

Iranian Women Association

The first and only UK based international members association for Iranian women.
Welcome to the Iranian Women’s Association (IWA), the first and only UK based international members association for Iranian women.
We are committed to building a global network of Iranian female professionals. IWA is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious membership association which promotes its aims without regard as to race, language or ethnicity. Iranian Association
IWA is not involved in any activities that are, directly or indirectly, related to women’s rights.
IWA is a member of “Federation of International Women’s Associations in London” (FIWAL) which was formed in 1986 to provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and expertise between its member organizations. To become a member please click and fill out the form on:
Application Form If you would like to become an “IWA Champion” and help IWA in achieving its strategy you can sign up to the list by clicking on Champions List To keep updated with our activities, free to visit our Facebook page on You can also sign up to our Newsletters by clicking on the Mailing List

Mission Statement

IWA will:

Organize networking events and evening talks with the aim of bringing together young Iranian women with successful Iranians. These events will be known as “IWA Inspires”

Organize mentorship programs – in person and online – which help young women who have recently moved to the UK or currently reside in Iran, and are seeking work or educational opportunities anywhere in the world

Provide a social forum for Iranian women to reinvigorate their Iranian connections around the world

Further friendship, understanding, and communication amongst the IWA’s members and other international women’s associations in London

Hold fundraising events for members and guests for UK registered charities with a focus on Iranian women

Further such other objects as the Directors of the IWA may determine from time to time

international members association for Iranian women.

non-profit in Bellevue, Washington