Iranian Hospital – Dubai


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Iranian Hospital – Dubai

Iranian Hospital is located on the Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah. Inaugurated on 14 April 1972,

it was built by and is affiliated to the Iranian Red Crescent Society, and is the oldest known provider of healthcare services in Dubai.

Our founding principles are based on Red Crescent Society’s international values and hospital is a none for profit organization with charity orientation aiming to ensure collaboration between the two great nations of Iran and the UAE in providing premium healthcare services to communities in the region. This will continue to strengthen as the quality and excellence in healthcare services in the region continues to grow.

We believe that our ability to deliver the best health care is made possible through the team of highly trained, dedicated and committed professionals within our medical, nursing and para-clinical services here at the Iranian Hospital.

In tandem with latest standards of excellence in delivering healthcare services we are proud to be able to provide personalized healthcare services with patient and their family centered approach; we initiated many different patient centered procedures in this way like After Discharge Follow Up care, Patients and families training programs, patient and families participation in clinical safety programs, Process and care planning based on patients and families feed backs.

“Also one of unique capabilities of us is to serve over 1200 outpatients daily from more than 182 nationalities in such a smooth and fast process that in a few hours all clinical, laboratory and diagnostic imaging work up until designing final treatment plan concluded for them.”

Our hospital services and facilities are open to all nationalities that reside in the UAE irrespective of race, color or creed. The state of art new facility of hospital has just opened to public on Oct-2014, the New Extension includes but not limited to a complex to provide the highly sophisticated sub-specialty health care services like: