Iranian American Society of New York


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Iranian American Society of New York

Iranian American Society of New York – Foundation in Greenvale, New York

  • The Iranian American Society of New York, Inc. (IAS) is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organization
  • whose charter includes promotion of Persian language, heritage, and culture.
  • IAS takes pride in providing humanitarian, medical, and financial assistance to needy Iranians.

Our Mission

IAS is established for the purposes of promoting goodwill and cooperation among its members; providing assistance to individuals of Iranian descent or

related to such individuals by the act of marriage; promoting the exchange of ideas among its members; discovering, procuring and preserving whatever

may relate to natural, civil, literary history and welfare of Iranians.

The said purposes are to be conducted all without pecuniary profit and shall in no way involve political or religious considerations.

Dear Fellow Iranian Americans,

In this 35th year of our organization, we are pleased to announce our growth, commitment, and vision for the next 35 years.

Throughout the years, we have managed to grow, help those in need locally, nationally, and internationally, and kept our unique culture alive.

The goal of this society, in addition to the promotion of the Persian language, culture and the long heritage of Iran, is protecting the welfare of

Iranian-Americans and their families and to encourage them to get involved in social, cultural, and community activities.

We ask for your participation and contributions in order to guaranty another successful 35 years.

IAS is most proud of its two Ferdowsi Farsi schools, located in Long Island and Westchester. Furthermore, IAS strives to create opportunities for introducing our rich culture to other ethnic and racial groups.

We are aware of the many individual accomplishments of Iranians all over the world, particularly in the New York region. It is now time to bring these individual accomplishments together and to form a “real” community. The Iranian-Americans in the New York metropolitan area are now in dire need of bringing their cultural, humanitarian, and social activities under one roof, a Cultural Center for the Iranian community for the greater New York region. (Persian New York)

Volunteer efforts and contributions from every single Iranian and interested non-Iranian individuals and organizations are welcomed. To achieve this goal the society strongly relies on and urges ALL of you to support this great cause and to give donations, in any denomination, which will be designated for the IAS Cultural Center. ALL donations to IAS are tax-deductible.