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Iranian American Dental Network

Iranian American Dental Network

IADN We are active in community outreach programs and aim to be a positive force in all possible ways. Iranian American Dental Network (IADN), formerly known as IWDN is a non-profit organization in the United States.

Iranian American Dental Association in Massachusetts

As a group of dental professionals, our goal is to bring the community together socially and scientifically in an effort of better communication among colleagues and improve the professional development of our members through promoting education with higher standards.

We are active in community outreach programs and aim to be a positive force in all possible ways. History of IADN On January 16, 2011, a group of 32 Iranian American women came together with the goal in mind to initiate a network comprising of Iranian women dentists located in the Boston area.

The goal with their organization was to serve as a support system for each other and as well being an active member of the community outreach programs. Being a positive force in whatever way possible was an important vision of our members. The organization provided numerous activities that included health fairs for the Iranian community.

CPR, OSHA, and inflection control training for the dentists and staff along with many educational seminars were provided by the IWDN. The Graduations parties for Tufts, BU, and Harvard dental school students were so well received and appreciated by the students and their families.

The monies raised by the walk for cancer supported the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and was a huge success.

The IWDN was honored to be present with a booth at Yankee Dental Congress. With the noticeable growth of the dental community of the New England Area, the need for expansion of the organization was necessary.

To promote growth along with our women members we decided to include the Iranian American men and other Iranian American dental affiliates. Thus our new name of the organization is Iranian American Dental Network (IADN).

We are excited to see our organization continue to grow and look forward to seeing all of your support! Goals and Benefits IADN helps members to find job opportunities, mentors, shadowing position, and establishing a new practice.

It also gives an opportunity for members to participate in scientific events, cultural and social events, and graduation parties for the dental students, summer boat trips, national Children’s Health Fair.

Professional collaboration with the American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society, and the Iranian American Medical Association is also helping the members to grow networking with other dental medical societies.

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