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Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

Shook & Stone, Speaks English and Spanish

Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas, Shook & Stone Injury Attorneys With over $500 Million

recovered for our clients since 1997.

It’s easy to see why Shook & Stone should be your first choice in a personal injury lawsuit

to start the process of recovering compensation for your personal injury,

workers’ compensation claim, or a social security disability claim.


? Best Personal Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

We offer free no contact consultations and we are aggressive litigators who go the extra

mile for our clients, because if you don’t win… we don’t win.

Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas & Reno Our personal injury attorneys
fight aggressively for our clients.

If you were injured in Las Vegas or Renault and someone else was negligent while driving

you have the right to seek compensation for damages.
Even if the injury was only partially their fault.

Personal Injury Law Firm Fighting for Maximum Compensation and Client Satisfaction
If an accident has left you with an injury and serious medical bills lost wages and damages.
It is essential that you are aware of your right to pursue compensation for your losses.
You need a personal injury attorney on your side.
You need, Shook & Stone.

Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas _ Shook & Stone

Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas _ Shook & Stone

By working with Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas, you and your family can potentially improve your

chances of receiving, full and fair financial compensation for things like medical bills,

property damage lost wages, and even pain and suffering and emotional distress.


in addition, Our skilled team of attorneys draws on over 85 years of combined legal experience

and superior legal knowledge to help accident victims and their families put their lives

together after a negligence-based accident.

Personal Injury & Personal Injury Law – What does it mean?

Personal injury law (aka “tort” law) allows an injured person to file a civil lawsuit in court

and get legal compensation (“damages”) for all losses stemming from an accident or other incident.

The personal injury system’s goal is to allow the injured person to be compensated financially

after suffering harm due to a liable party’s negligent or intentional conduct.

Liable parties can be anything from a person, a company, an institution,

or even the government and are called “tortfeasors”. Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

Next, a decision is made on the extent of the victim’s injuries caused by the tortfeasor

and determine if they have the insurance or resources needed to compensate the injured person.

Once fault, damages, and ability to pay have been determined, we proceed with a case,

attempting to recover the injured person’s maximum claim as soon as possible.

? Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

In conclusion, Nevada is a modified comparative negligence state,

which means both the plaintiff and the defendant may bear partial fault for an accident

that leads to damages or injuries.

Start the process today by requesting a free consultation after that give us a call Injury Lawyers

in Las Vegas (702) 570-0000.