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Hooman Bahrani | Wedding Photographer

Hooman Bahrani | Wedding Photographer based in North Carolina 

My name is Hooman and photography has always been a large part of my life.

I built my first camera in my hometown of Winston-Salem, NC, with my dad when I was eight years old. That first camera is what taught me about composition, light and timing.

My first SLR camera was a used Nikon which I received as a high school graduation present.

I took it with me to Wake Forest University; and as I got my degree in Physics, I found myself taking photos of everything from university events to landscapes in Hawaii.

After college, while working as a corporate pilot, I continued developing my skills as a photographer by taking photos of bands throughout North Carolina and then in 2005 I was asked to photograph a wedding.

Wedding photography combined what I had been photographing my whole life:

Portraits, photojournalism of events, landscape, music, and capturing the most important and elusive element of any good photo: emotion.

I was hooked from that first wedding and transitioned from a career as a pilot to a career as a photographer.

I still fly for pleasure, but photography is now my full-time passion.

I photograph around 40-45 weddings a year and totally love it!

I live in Winston-Salem, NC with my awesome wife Debbie and routinely cover weddings all over North Carolina, Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, New York; and as far as Italy, Paris, and India.

Wedding Photographer in Carolina

I also do portrait photography for couples and families; and if you like what you’ve seen, click here to send me a message and let’s talk about your wedding. -Hooman Bahrani.

It’s the one day it all comes together. When you look around and you see your best friends and your family watching you get married to that one person that gets you the best.

That one person you want to spend the rest of your life with. And after the last dance, it’s your wedding photos which will keep your memories of this day strong.

Wedding photos that captured the entire day, because they started in the morning and ended at night because full day wedding coverage is standard.

Wedding photos that are engaging, not posed.

Wedding photos that are emotional and candid, because this is your wedding, not a photo shoot.

Wedding photos that are beautiful if you’re having a wedding in North Carolina, or a destination wedding in Italy, because we’ve done both and more, and love weddings here in our home state of North Carolina as well all over the country and around the world.

Take some time to look through the gallery and blog and if you like what you see, send us a message!