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Homa Rugs | Seattle, Washington

Homa Rugs | Iranian Home Decor, Antiques, Rug in Seattle, Washington

Homa Rugs has been providing beautiful handmade rugs to the Pacific Northwest since 1986 with an emphasis on quality products and customer service.

As a small, family owned and operated business, we have relied on the relationships we’ve built over the past several decades to support us in our efforts to bring high-quality handmade rugs to Seattle and beyond.

Every rug in our showroom is handpicked by us, ensuring we only carry pieces with striking colors, captivating designs and the ability to transform any room. Visit us in downtown Seattle on First Avenue near the Seattle Art Museum to see our full collection in person.

Family owned business providing only the highest quality rugs and service to the Seattle area for the past thirty years.

Homa Oriental Rugs has been providing beautiful handmade rugs to the greater Seattle area and throughout the United States since 1986. Quality, service, and loyalty to our customers has always been our main goal so when we opened our doors nearly thirty years ago we focused on antique and semi-antique pieces, believing then that old rugs offered the best quality, longevity, and beauty.antique Persian rugs for sale

As the wool, workmanship, and design execution of new rugs has increased in quality we have felt more comfortable adding new rugs from all the most popular designs to our inventory; confident of both the quality and reliability of all of our products.
We now offer a wide variety of contemporary and Antique Rugs. As always, we continue to cultivate a superb collection of antique and semi-antique rugs. Homa rugs
We have a wide variety, from rare nineteenth-century examples to the finest of today’s weavings; from the traditional folk charm of the village and tribal rugs to the ornate sophistication of rugs from city workshops.
Regardless of the style of your home, at Homa Rugs you are sure to find a piece which you love and that will retain its beauty for decades to come.
Ahmad Mohammadian, Owner and Founder Ahmad-photo.jpgAhmad began his career selling oriental rugs in the mid-’80s by repairing antique carpets using traditional weaving techniques first taught to him by his grandmother as a child. Soon after, he opened Homa Oriental Rugs in 1986 at his first location in downtown Seattle.
Since then he has become a fixture in the Seattle rug market for his top quality pieces and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. Ahmad’s penchant for handmade rugs is rooted in his own childhood where he learned to identify the best pieces by watching his own father buy and sell rugs in Tehran’s Grand Bazar.
Drawing from his experience in Iran, Ahmad has been able to combine his knowledge in the traditional rug markets of the Middle East with today’s most popular styles and colors…