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Helia Dance Company

Helia Dance Company | Persian/Iranian dance classes by Helia Bandeh in the Netherlands

Experience true art From Persia to the world by Helia

Master of Persian Dance Helia was born in Shiraz, Iran and decided to dedicate her life to Persian dance.

Like no other, Helia possesses the ability to connect with the hearts of her audience, by sharing the art of Persian Dance.

Iranian dance classes in the Netherlands

Dance Performance

Helia performs as a solo dancer in live shows, festivals and theatre shows. You can book Helia for a solo dance performance, with or without live musicians.

Theatre shows The stars of Helia Dance Company are exceptional dancers and are well-trained to star in theatre shows.

We offer several theatre productions through Helia Dance Productions and we offer to star in your custom projects as well.

Workshops Would you like to enrich your event with a unique Persian Dance workshop?

Then Helia’s Persian Dance workshops are the perfect fit!

Helia is known for being unique in having mastered traditional Persian Dance.

Helia has performed with world-class artists and dedicated her life to sharing this art with audiences all over the world.

Helia was born in Shiraz, Iran and decided to dedicate her life to Persian dance.

Helia has travelled from Europe to the United States, to Iran and beyond to continue to enrich her capacities and share the art with her audiences in her performances and in tutoring through her Helia Dance Academy.

Helia Dance Network Helia Dance Academy Helia founded Helia Dance Academy to create a central international point of education for the art of Persian Dance, that enables dancers from all over the world to master themselves in Persian Dance.

The mission of Helia Dance Academy is to spread the knowledge of Persian Dance to every corner of the world and educate as many dancers as possible in the process. Helia Dance Company Helia founded Helia Dance Company to create an international centre of Persian Dance talent.

Helia Dance Company features a group of talented Persian Dance professionals, all personally selected and educated by Helia herself. As a professional Persian Dance group, Helia Dance Company offers you a team of professionals that is certain to mesmerize your audience.

Helia Dance Productions Helia Dance Productions is the creative factory of professional Persian Dance theatre productions. We offer a collection of professional Persian Dance shows, ready to bring a unique addition to your theatre. Contact us through Helia Dance Productions for more info.