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Hamdam | Companion Care Services

Hamdam | Companion Care Services

Hamdam Companion Care Services: speaking-Companion care services-Los-Angeles-ca, Persian Speaking Companion care.Ventura Boulevard,

We provide Farsi / Persian speaking non-medical companionship for your loved one in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. Disclosure, We are Non-certified personal care services, Non Certified in any field of medicine and State or federal government.

All Companion service Providers applicants assist elderly people with their daily lives. Our services are privately paid and we are hired by a family member for their loved one. It is not reimbursable under Medicare.

We prohibited from administering medications, regardless of the qualifications of the Caregiver. The non-medical Caregiver may not administer medications, not as a favor to the Client nor the Client’s Family, nor in response to the direction of another agency’s or hospice’s nurse. We only Remind them of their medication.

we also help parents with their newborn baby or babysitting a few hours or pick up and drop them off the kids with their daily activities.

Hamdam, Companion Care Services, Farsi-speaking-Companion care services in Los-Angeles, Ca

Customized services based on your needs.

Persian Speaker non-medical companionship

We provide Farsi/Persian speaking non-medical companionship for your loved one in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. We realized the needs for your loved one, to have someone to help them with their daily lives in Farsi. Adult companions are the perfect solution to assist someone that is still living independently but needs regular care/help. Simply speaking, assist you with your activities of daily living such as grocery shopping, meal preparation, in order to allow you to continue living at your own home.

New Born Baby Companion

If you need help for newborn babies. It’s important for your loved one to have a safe and clean environment. Duties related to housekeeping will typically involve making the bed and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. The purpose of companionship is to offer the company to help you out with daily chores. We help with certain household chores, but the newborn baby companion does are not a maid. But their primary purpose is to help parents with their daily chores and they have more time to spend with Newborn baby.

Persian Speaker babysitter

These are the times you will need to hire a Persian speaker babysitter. It is not anymore a daunting task. Write all instructions down, the house rules and probably, know which areas are safe for children and which are off-limits, list of phone numbers to be contacted and we take care of your kid/kids. Many studies suggest that bilingual children tend to have a higher concentration and are better at working through distractions while doing their school work. Because they are having to switch from one language to another constantly.

Parent’s Night Out

If you can’t remember the last time you saw a movie that wasn’t a cartoon, we’ve got just what you’re looking for! Enjoy a night out while we take care of your child/children at your own home. We are mothers and we understand the needs of your loved one. We follow your instructions based on the needs of your loved’s one. Give us a call and see if we can be a help.

Pick Up or Drop Off Kids From School or Practice

Too busy to pick up or drop off your kids? Let us do the job for you. Our service allows greater flexibility for busy parents with children involved in extracurricular activities.

Fortunately, We are here to help you out to create an enjoying the peace of mind of knowing the moment your child reaches their destination safely you will be notified with Farsi speaker.

Farsi Speaking Companion Care Services in Los Angeles