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Hadi Sharekian | Photo/Videographer

Hadi Sharekian | Iranian/Persian Photo/Videographer in Encino, California

Music // Fashion // Event // E-Commerce
Photographer based In LA, Photography and Videography

Hadi Sharekian is a Photographer specializing in Event Photography, Product Photography, Architectural Photography and Concert Photography. Born in Iran, Hadi was first exposed to photography through his father’s snapshots and at age twelve started using his Dad’s 35mm Zeiss Ikon camera. Iranian Videographer in Encino

He soon thereafter developed a passion for photography and started reading voraciously about various photo techniques used by his idol, Ansel Adams. In 2005 Hadi received his BFA from University of Mashhad and embarked on his professional career.

While in Iran the first focused on commercial photography by shooting industrial sites and then followed up by taking pictures of architectural projects and product placements. Since his move to Los Angeles, California, Hadi has now expanded his portfolio to fashion and event photography as well.

Los Angeles is a unique and proven ground for music and art events while at the same time possessing a large Iranian community.

Hadi has worked with several high profile artists and musicians of Iranian descent and has dedicated his studio;

Los Angeles PIC to promoting members of the Iranian diaspora succeed in their artistic careers and endeavours.


Architectural Photography // Commercial Photography // Event Photography // Los Angeles & Everywhere 

He is a photographer, editor and graphic designer. He has a wide experience of Fashion, Event and product photography on a variety of scales.

Fashion Photography His work uses simple concepts to make big statements.

He shoots for a variety of major magazines and has established himself as separate from, albeit still a descendant of, one of the greatest fashion photographers to ever live.

Event Photography I’m a Los Angeles PIC event photographer specializing in creating powerful photos at personal & corporate events. I’m the event photographer you need if your organization needs photographic coverage for meetings, conferences, conventions, galas, banquets, political events, holiday party events, Christmas parties, birthday parties, and award presentation. Iranian Photographer in California

Nature Photography Welcome to the website of LOS ANGELES.PIC nature photography. Digital images and museum quality fine art prints are available for sale.

Concert Photography Our team of Los Angeles based expert Photographers and Videographers knows exactly what elements and details of the event to capture to help you preserve the best memories of the events.

We will capture the most important shots and moments featuring the environment, emotions, interactions, performances, and details of any type of events. These digital content will be perfect for online marketing and social media sharing with your clients and fans.

Architectural Photography Los Angeles PIC photographs institutional and commercial architecture for custom home builders, architects, interior designers, and developers; most forms of architectural photography. He also photographs structures for real estate developments, engineering firms, hospitality and industrial clients.

Product Photography Los Angeles PIC is a photography studio based in Los Angeles. We are a group of young passionate photographers/filmmakers. We have talented people specialized in different genres including product, fashion, E-commerce, lifestyle and social media.

We offer superior quality, fast turnaround time and competitive pricing.